Business Solutions

Winning solutions for people development

Consultancy services help transform businesses by defining and designing innovative and effective management and HR solutions. Working closely with clients, our consultants identify problems clearly and develop robust, integrated solutions for personal, team, HR or organisational development. With a broad range of experience covering the private, public and voluntary sectors, our consultants can deliver high quality, tailored solutions.

Our commitment to clients is to develop maximum sustainable performance and to create a compelling place for employees to thrive and grow. The process begins with in-depth analysis, which highlights the key strategic and operational indicators helping or hindering our client’s success. Once problems have been defined and understood, we create capability enhancing solutions tailored to the specific business issue. The key success of our programme and project implementation is recognising that each business scenario is different and that people are central to methodologies and transformations that work.

Consultancy Services

  • Designing a relevant and powerful HR strategy
  • Developing and delivering an effective resourcing strategy
  • Aligning people with strategic plans
  • HR systems and organisation design
  • Increasing individual, team and organisational performance
  • Developing talent management systems
  • Creating and implementing performance management systems
  • Building career pathways for individuals and teams
  • Developing training strategies
  • Creating HR development platforms
  • Managing recruitment or selection programmes
  • Developing a dynamic diversity strategy
  • Executive level career change and career support


  • We build consultancy teams that are cross-functional and multi-disciplinary, providing the necessary experience, expertise and capability to successfully plan, manage and deliver a wide range of projects
  • Our partnership with clients facilitates a collaborative approach to engage with the problem at hand and create dynamic and workable solutions
  • Consulting solutions are innovative and develop maximum sustainable performance to create a compelling place for employees to thrive and grow
  • Our consultants are experts in conceptualising possibilities, planning scenarios and developing dynamic strategies
  • Clients receive clear strategies and plans which can be implemented following a robust project management framework
  • Our tailored services are prepared to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse client base and to align with our clients’ business agenda

Next Steps

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