About LMC

LMC Virtual Training

LMC have a vast experience of designing and delivering virtual training courses and programmes for online delivery, which ensure high quality, maximum participation and flexibility.

All LMC courses can be delivered as Virtual Training.

By combining our years of experience in the training room with the best of technology and cutting-edge research, we have developed highly interactive, engaging and effective virtual training courses, which exceed the requirements of our delegates and clients.

Our Virtual Courses will continue to take the practical and interactive approach to learning that transforms strategic thinking into operational reality to build training events that are relevant, practical, stimulating and challenging.

Courses are designed for each group depending on the number of delegates you require to be trained.

Our Methodology

The structure of Virtual courses is essential to ensure that learning outcomes are met and that delegates are able to absorb information and engage in learning.

Our extensive experience of delivery and research across the industry has refined our approach and to develop the optimal course lengths and structures which will ensure that that learning delivered through an online platform is interactive and memorable.

Each course will be based on action learning. Wherever appropriate, the event will include case studies, training videos, practical exercises and virtual breakout sessions so that participants are able to gain practical experience in using principles and techniques contained in the provided course design.

Virtual courses are designed to maximise the functionality of the online platform and ensure an immersive experience.

Daily Timetable

Each day of LMC Virtual Training will last for 4 hours, and is broken into two sessions.

Courses run from 0900 - 1330.

Our expert trainers put participants at ease and encourages them to self-assess their strengths and weaknesses honestly.

This, together with our exclusive Post Training Course service, will allow organisations to focus on developing talent, maximising human potential and enhancing business performance. 

For more details and fees, please contact customersupport@lmcuk.com.