Sales and Marketing Training Courses

The LMC Sales and Marketing programmes provide delegates with the ability to contribute towards target achievement and demonstrate measurable results. Delegates will learn how to motivate a sales team, create effective marketing campaigns and utilise the latest technology to deliver on-going business success.

This course will develop delegate’s understanding of the roots of contemporary marketing and their application in the modern business environment.
Whether delegates are currently working in a marketing role, moving into this area, or work in roles which have regular interaction and dependence on marketing, this course will allow you to understand how marketing functions, while allowing you to discuss current marketing practice knowledgeably.

This practical and interactive course is designed to show how marketing managers and executives can contribute to, and influence, the planning and deployment of their organisation’s marketing strategy.

This programme will introduce delegates to fresh strategic approaches, which will enable them to market products and services to deliver long-term value to their organisation. Contemporary insights in marketing thinking will be reviewed and applied throughout the course.

This course is designed to help participants to implement enterprise sales management and to bring a greater level of understanding to the sales management process. The programme will seek to look at the employee interpersonal development system while improving team effectiveness and after sales quality, and will also have a strong focus on developing the negotiation skills to close the deal and secure win-win results.

5 days

London | £3600
Dubai | $4400

In today's competitive market place, the role of marketing is becoming more vital for the success of the overall business and its achievements. This course will provide delegates with essential marketing skills needed to maximise business opportunities. It will enable them to write and implement a marketing plan within the context of the organisation's strategy and culture, helping to grow the business and improve profitability.

All organisations, large or small, public, private or governmental need to communicate with a range of stakeholders. This course will provide participants with knowledge and tools to develop an effective marketing communication strategy. It will also examine issues related to ethics, corporate social responsibility and industry controls that limit modern marketing communication.

CPD Certified Courses

Whether you’re new to marketing, or looking to enhance your skills and understanding in order to further your career, this programme will be of great value.

It will provide a strong foundation to the key areas of marketing, providing skills and insight which will help to grow the business and improve profitability.  It will also highlight the growing importance of marketing in the modern organisation. 

3 days

London | £2350

Digital marketing is a key component of any modern marketing strategy.  As technological advancement and buyer behavior continue to change dramatically, it has become increasingly important for an organisation to embrace these methods.  This course will provide an introduction to the approaches and techniques required by providing participants with an understanding of how to design, deliver and measure digital marketing campaigns. 

2 days

London | £1650

This practical communication strategy course is designed to develop leaders by introducing them to the latest modern methods of communication. It will improve the impact you have upon your business and transform your engagement with key internal and external stakeholders.

Throughout the programme there will be a focus on advanced communication strategy, and its importance in achieving organisational goals. The course will provide you with the tools to improve engagement with your various audiences.

This course takes a practical approach to managing and professionalising your sales organisation. It will provide you with the models, tools and techniques needed to shape policies and approaches to improve your team’s sales performance while creating a results-oriented ethos.

5 days

London | £3600

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