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LMC’s Human Resources Management courses are designed to develop and enhance knowledge and skills of HR professionals and staff working within the HR function.

The driving force of any organisation is its people. That means that attracting the best people, selecting them for the most appropriate job roles, and retaining them through motivation and development is crucial. This course will provide delegates with the essential skills for recruitment and selection, as well as experienced input, and invaluable tools, to ensure effectiveness in their HR role.  From identifying the need to fill a position, right through to their training and development plan and personal objectives. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn and develop these skills, with new ideas, which will allow them to gain confidence in a safe environment, facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable tutors.

One of the key challenges faced in the current business environment is to develop and maintain a competitive advantage. Leaders and managers need to create a sustainable environment in which valuing and developing talent is second nature. These concepts must become embedded in the culture of the organisation in order for it to succeed. This in-depth development course will provide participants with the knowledge and tools required to create and manage a successful talent management strategy.

Training and development is a critical strategic function which forms a major component of organisational growth and success. This programme will enable the specialist of training and development operations to create, manage and evaluate a cost-effective, value adding training function which meets the needs of the organisation. This course will emphasise the value of undertaking a full training needs analysis to be able to tailor training and development activities to your organisation's objectives.  It will also provide delegates with an understanding of the process underpinning the creation of training courses and the development of training specialists.

This interactive programme has been designed to provide delegates with an understanding of the role of objectives and KPIs in driving business and individual performance. Participants will appreciate the performance management cycle and its links to strategy while learning how KPIs can help to manage performance at an individual, department or company level.

The evolving HR function has shifted towards team-focused units responsible for making an impact on businesses development. By acknowledging people as the most vital aspect of an organisation's performance, this course aligns people management strategies with organisational goals. By introducing strategic tools and techniques, delegates will be motivated to mobilise organisations and develop adaptable, winning people strategies.

Sustaining organisational performance during an era of radical change depends upon an organisation's ability to harness its human power. For this reason, senior management may pressurise Human Resource departments to demonstrate how they can add value to the organisation. HR departments are required to be more pro-active and focus on delivering strategic, rather than operational, HR policies and practices. This course will focus on how the HR function within organisations can make decisions and accomplish strategic choices to deliver effective organisational change.

5 days

London | £3600
Dubai | $4400

Leading organisations have a vision of achieving excellence and being the very best at what they do. This course is focused on arguably the most important component in achieving that vision: People Performance. This course will familiarise participants with the frameworks surrounding performance management and provide the tools and skills necessary for assessing and guiding staff contribution to the organisation.

CPD Certified Courses

Organisation development applies to changes in the strategy, structure, and/or processes of an entire system, such as an organisation, a single plant or a multi-plant firm. Its base is on the application and transfer of behavioural science knowledge and practice (such as leadership, group dynamics and work design), and is distinguished by its ability to transfer such knowledge and skill so that the system is capable of carrying out more planned change in the future.

This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the human resources management framework. It will also offer an insight into how best to develop strategies and create initiatives that introduce and sustain competitive HR advantage in organisations. Focusing on management best practices, participants will familiarise themselves with tools and models used to implement an effective HRM system.

CPD Certified Courses

The course is designed to prepare non-HR personnel to deal with the complexities and challenges of managing today's workforce. It provides comprehensive coverage of the major human resource responsibilities from strategic and operational perspectives. The course involves both practical and theoretical considerations in the professional development of non-HR personnel in the field of human resources management.

Leading companies globally have realised that the traditional approaches to staff and leadership development have changed. Talent development is more focused on right individuals that can become the key players within organisations and who are determined to keep ahead of the game in today’s competitive business environment.

This training course will examine examples of talent leadership and how to develop talent within an organisation.

CPD Certified Courses

This course provides participants with the knowledge, skills and techniques required to effectively manage, develop and utilise human resources in an organisation. The course will also familiarise participants with the principles and techniques of human resource management, manpower planning and career development.

The complexities and challenges of managing today's workforce put increasing pressure on managers who are non-HR practitioners. The course involves both practical and theoretical considerations in the professional development of non-HR personnel within the field of human resources management. This, coupled with NLP, will make the difference between those who excel, and those who get by. It will give participants new skills to communicate, motivate, influence, negotiate, lead, and empower.

10 days

London | £5750

Training and development is a vital strategic function that forms a major component of organisational growth and success. It is a driving force for a group and individual efficiency and effectiveness and the ability of a company to reach its goals depends on the attitudes, skills and knowledge employees gain from training and development. This course will provide delegates with the critical knowledge and tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Training and Development department and deliver immediate results.

CPD Certified Courses

This informative and practical course will equip delegates with the tools and techniques to better understand the value of capturing and working with HR data to support business strategies.

The programme takes an evidence-based approach to HR procedures and demonstrates the value of looking at information and interpreting analytics in order to solve workforce problems. It will provide delegates with the skill to not just capture information but to use it for strategic purpose.

This course will ensure delegates understand the key elements needed to set up a compensation and benefits programme or review the present one within your organisation. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore the most appropriate and effective forms of non-financial rewards and benefits and how to ensure that staff are motivated and managed.

HR Administrators have a crucial role to play in contributing towards the effectiveness of their department. This stimulating new programme provides an opportunity for delegates to acquire the skills and practical application of tools and techniques, to support the key HR processes and procedures. Delegates will learn about the latest methods that HR professionals utilise today for building a high performance organisation.

Today's leading organisations recognise and understand that motivated and inspired people are vital with regards to achieving business success. This course exposes participants to the latest strategic concepts associated with aligning people management strategies and organisational goals. Participants will acquire the confidence to develop adaptable, winning people strategies aimed at stimulating growth and driving their organisation forward.

10 days

London | £5750

It is essential for HR leaders and organisational development practitioners, to understand the relation between HR and OD, and how it can be used to improve organisational and employee effectiveness. This challenging course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to enhance OD capability and create initiatives that introduce and sustain competitive HR advantage in organisation.

10 days

London | £5750

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