What does “Internal Loyalty” mean for a company?

Jan 13, 2017

When looking at internal loyalty in a company, there are two main questions that should be addressed and looked into; the first being “why loyal employees are needed for your company” and “how to make employees loyal to your business”.

These questions are important because it is how much loyalty means for a company, the impact they have in an organization's growth is essential. Whether you are a start up company or an already established organisation, to further push growth you need employees that are passionate about where they work and share the same vision, having loyal employees mean that decisions will get carried out and supported.


internal loyalty to company


Although customer loyalty is seen as number one priority, employee loyalty should also be equally as important. Being loyal is a work ethic, you cannot force an ethic on somebody, so it’s best to do your best as a manager to actually want to adopt a loyal work ethic for themselves.

A phrase that explains how smart managers go about maintaining a team of loyal employees is as follows; “The best leaders fight for the team, and in return, the team fights for them”. Going the extra mile to keep your employees on board shows that they have faith and value in the team, the process of producing loyalty is a two way street. Simple gestures like respect, praise, being flexible and engaging with your colleagues are all free and will certainly help you.

A lot of the big name corporations have some of the most intense interview processes, take Google for example, which has reportedly 6 interview stages at the bare minimum. What does this say about a company? The aim of this tough interview process is to weed out the people who aren’t dedicated, skilled and worthwhile for them to hire, it does exactly that as well.

People that apply for jobs at Google clearly know how big the company is and how hard it is to get into, once they are lucky enough to get through the interview process they will most most likely be loyal to the company.

Although this is hard to relate to for a lot of companies because not every company is Google. However, what you can learn from their interview process is that it’s long on purpose. Applying a hard interview process in your company will ensure that the people that go through will be competent, dedicated and will feel honored to work for you.


Loyalty is a two way street - What can you do as a manager to improve loyalty?

Having successful management skills means being able to consistently make the correct decisions, inspire others and shephard your team onto a path of success.

Personal development is a key element to factor in; employees that work for you are most likely in the position where they want to always keep on improving their own professional skills while gaining experience. Investing money and time into sending your employees on training courses may be beneficial for the both of you. As Elizabeth II, Queen Of Great Britain said, "It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.”

This next point ties in with the previous one, achieving respect and loyalty will also come from actively giving your employees the power to make decisions for themselves so that they are allowed to handle tasks on their own and let their creativity flourish. Bergeron says "When people feel that they're trusted, they respond to that.”

By showing respect to your employees and giving them the resources and areas to grow as individuals, they will pay you back by helping you reach above and beyond to reach the organization's goals. This effect doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits everyone, satisfaction and happiness have a domino effect, this type of effect will increase sales, boost morale, creativity and workplace effectiveness.

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