How to use Social Media to Increase Sales

Nov 21, 2016

How to use Social Media to Increase Sales

Social media has been a boon to various small businesses. These businesses use social media as a vital sales tool which has helped in increasing sales and establishing their brand.

Social media can be your sole marketing and sales weapon if you understand its importance and implement key strategies in all of your social media campaigns.


The following are some of the most actionable practices that help you increase sales by using social media:

1. Find Your Relevant Social Channel

There are tons of social media channels that cater to different needs of the people. Your first task would be to find the right or prominent social media channel for your business. This decision would be solely based on your customers. You are required to set up shop on the social network that a majority of your customers or target audience use.

This does not mean that you neglect the other social media networks, no! This only requires you to concentrate more on the prominent network while simultaneously keeping an active presence on the others.

By finding your primary social media channel, you have tapped into a large user base of potential customers. You quickly need to adapt to this medium and cater suitable, relevant, quality content to build an audience base. By building your niche audience, you are in a position to influence them and also their followers etc to turn to your business. You can also build credibility and establish yourself as an industry expert by posting quality, informational content.

On a later stage, you can cross promote your social media channels and build your social media presence.

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2. Understand Your Customer Market

Once you have found the right social media channels to promote your business, you now are needed to understand your target audience. This can help you in multiple ways, from catering towards the needs of your existing customers and reaching out to potential customers.

In this day and age, a customer has unlimited options. If your customer’s expectations aren’t met, they will quickly move over to their next option.

Social media tools like SocialFlow help you understand your customers which in turn helps you sell better. By knowing what your customers want and what your customer thinks of your business or service or product, you can strategise better. This provides you an added edge over your competitors as you know exactly what your customer needs and how you can satisfy the same.

The customer is still king in sales. A satisfied customer doesn’t just have a positive impact on that particular transaction but has the power to recommend your service or product to another person. This referral system can help your rapidly build your brand and reach a larger audience with minimal resources. Additionally, via referrals the referred will already have a positive notion about your brand and hence would be easier to convert into a sale.


3. Active Engagement

This proves to be the best practice to stand a chance to increase sales through social media. Having an active presence across all your social media channels helps your establish yourself faster on social media.

Active social engagement helps you stay on top of the trends, recognize your opportunities, increase exposure and overall business growth on social media. You require being an active community member to stay relevant. You need to provide constant value to your audience to feed into which keeps them interested in you.

You do not require to stay online all the time. Tools such as Everypost and SproutSocial help you schedule valuable content, track engagement, provide metrics and help you get the most out of your social media sales campaigns.

Once you start to reap all these benefits you can leverage it to boost your sales with ease.


4. Lead Generation

Generating leads from social media is one of the most important sales benefits that the social media has to offer.  Social media helps you generate quality sales leads through active connection and engagement with your audience.

This sales function is one of the key benefits that facilitate the introduction of your social media audience into your sales funnel. Platforms such as LinkedIn serve as the best channel to generate B2B sales leads for your business. You are in a position to connect with your customers in real-time and this gives way to various lead generating opportunities.

Some of the successful social media lead generation tactics include optimizing your Facebook page to capture leads, hosting social media contests, promoting your newsletter on social media, Twitter chats and driving traffic towards your website from social media channels.

A more targeted lead generation campaign can be setup by using advanced lead generation tools that tap into the vast data of the social media channels and help generate qualified leads that best suit your requirements.


5. Social Media Advertising

Recognizing the sales benefits that social media has to offer, social media channels now house targeted advertising that has proved to be very successful.  With the social media advertisement projections set to skyrocket in the coming years, it has proved to be of utmost benefit to small businesses.

Social media advertising has revolutionized the conventional advertising and has trumped the entire advertising sector as it proved to yield higher ROI. Another reason for its immense success is the analytics that it provides. Through social media advertising, you can monitor your campaign in real-time and procure engagement, reach, and other valuable metrics. This helps you chalk out better campaigns and evaluate yourself as a business.

Social media advertising has set the banner ads to decline. This form of advertisement works the best as it uses a more targeted approach. These ads set up by you and are displayed only to your target audience which increases the chances of conversion. Retargeting can be done the best via social media ads. You also learn more about the customer mindset which helps your better your product and services, thereby increase your overall sales.

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Author bio-

Vedh Jagadish

I am a Digital Marketer at AeroLeads, a web-based lead generation service. I am parallelly into Content Marketing and I write articles about marketing, sales, social media and much more across various platforms. I also manage all the social channels of AeroLeads.



Social media proves to be the most effective way to penetrate into this highly competitive market. As you progress, you will find more than one way to utilize social media to achieve your business goals. The benefits seem to be endless once you’ve understood your role and your community.

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