Why Staff Development Is The Best Insurance Against Unemployment

Nov 16, 2016

Why Staff Development Is The Best Insurance Against Unemployment

Nobody enjoys letting members of their team and people within the business go; you don’t want to make someone unemployed for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that it just feels awful making someone unemployed, but it also means you need to start the recruitment and employment process again. All of this takes time and it gives a feel of unease in the workplace too.

So how can you use staff development as the best insurance against unemployment in your workplace? 

“What’s worse than training your staff and losing them? Not training them and keeping them!”

Of course it’s a risk when you spend time and money on training staff and they leave to work for the competition... but surely you don’t want staff that cannot achieve their full potential, due to a lack of staff development and staff training?

Security in being employed

Staff development is the best insurance against unemployment because studies have shown that training your staff improves their productivity, job satisfaction and motivation for the business which improves staff retention and reduces the risk of unemployment.

You may be confronted with some resistance to staff training and staff development, this may be because your staff are not use to training and think you are criticising and think they are not up to the job – so it is paramount you persuade, influence and sell the benefits to them.

At the end of the day investing in staff development is common sense and those businesses that invest in their workforce are more likely to retain and develop the most effective, productive and motivated staff members who will help with the ongoing success of the business.

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