How to create a winning relationship with your customers

Oct 19, 2016

How to create a winning relationship with your customers

Businesses rely on many factors, non-more important than customers. So why not treat the customers as they should be treated, as VIPs? This means companies should take it upon themselves to always deal with customers in the most respectful manner while always doing the best to deliver what they need at the highest level of service and quality to develop deep long lasting relationships.

The benefits of having a great long term relationship with a customer equates to more than just getting more profits, it leads into great feedback, review, reliability, reputation and healthy business relations.

If your customers are constantly satisfied with your organisation, simple things like word of mouth will play a huge role in boosting your company’s reputation and credibility. 


Here are 4 Steps to create a long-term, winning relationship

Do not rush sales

If you want to create a long term relationship with a customer or client in the hopes of making a sale, remember that the number one pet peeve that a customer has is when a sales person is constantly trying to force a sale. The person on the receiving end will not only feel annoyed, but also devalued somewhat. The best approach as a salesman or company is to take is to simply have natural, honest and meaningful interactions with the client or customer. 



An individual or as an organisation, having the customers faith in you is imperative. With information becoming readily accessible for people, the best way to retain trust and transparency is simply to be honest when conducting business. The customer will not respect an organisation or individual that is trying to deceive or avoids problems in order to make themselves look better. This means that as a responsible business person, you should always aim to keep your clients updated on any information that you feel they would need to know.


Treat people as people not just think of them as profit on a balance sheet

Some companies fall into the trap of neglecting the customers’needs, these companies aim solely for maximum profits. Having this mentality will lead to having poor customer service and inadequate services or products.

As a company you have to prove that what you provide is the best out there. Maintaining company standards should always be a priority, neglecting areas that may need money or time invested, will affect a customer’s experience and can ultimately lead to them losing faith in you.


Reward loyal customers (Loyalty schemes)

A loyalty scheme is usually offered by a company to customers who frequently make purchases. A few rewards of these schemes include discounts, free products or exclusive access. A lot of organisations recently have implemented schemes as to where a customer can earn loyalty points of some sort in an attempt to keep customers coming back. Some notable retail companies that have loyalty schemes include: Starbucks, Subway and Sainsbury’s. Maybe a loyalty scheme for your company can be a great way to keep customers keen to keep purchasing from you.

 Business Relationship


A long term relationship will always benefit both parties, depending on the type of customers your company has; frequent efforts to individuals to maintain transparency and communications is always going to pay off. Other methods such as loyalty schemes and basic interpersonal skills will go a long way here. Always remember that the customers should not be seen as numbers, or simply as profit, they should be treated as individuals. The organisation needs to ensure that sales systems, policies, procedure as are in place too, so that standards can be maintained and the customer experience is maximised.  

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