Employee Training Statistics - Overview and Benefits

Jun 17, 2016

A study conducted by HR magazine highlighted the benefits that employees and organisations as a whole receive from investing into training and development.

Employee Training Statistics Infographic

 One of the most common criticisms that is heard about training and development is that there is no immediate tangible gain from investing money into the training courses as there would be when investing in other assets such as equipment or other commodities, this is a fair critique as it is hard to evaluate the success of certain training such as soft skills.

The positive impact training has on the employees is worth noting, with the report saying that 37% of employees had a higher productivity rate. Another 65% of employees mentioned how the training and development positively impacted their attitude to the job and 21% reported that they gained an increase in their income. There will always be a need for training and development especially with the new generation of young workers entering the workforce who are constantly looking to improve what skills they have. Many HR surveys have concluded that potential employees are in fact putting more importance and looking for employers that are willing to provide training.

With the correct training and development, companies are 58% more likely to meet future demands, 46% more likely to make it to market first and also have a 24% profit margin increase. Training and development is all about ensuring that your staff and company is always one step ahead of the competition and are performing at the best they possibly can. All the major brands and successful companies around the world are investing into training as without it, they would most likely fall off the map and not reach their targets due to an unskilled workforce.

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