5 Mistakes to Avoid As a Manager

Feb 12, 2016

5 Mistakes to Avoid As a Manager

5 Mistakes to Avoid As a Manager

Being in a managerial position comes with responsibility, your actions and decisions will directly affect the people that you are assigned to manage. It is therefore important that you avoid making certain mistakes that may harm your reputation, trustability and results. 

It isn’t an easy job and at times you may ask yourself questions such as ‘Am I inspirational and supportive enough to motivate my team to achieve?’. ‘am I doing it right?’, etc. This type of task can be a daunting perspective, especially if you are new to it, in this article you will learn some common mistakes to avoid so you may not have to learn them the hard way.


1.   Abusing the authority

Many new managers fall into the trap where they let the position get to their head because they are entitled to a lot more authority than they did before and have more powers to control operations. A way to not fall into this trap is to simply focus on what the real objective is for the company and follow through with them. Your team are not slaves, they are your co-workers and are humans, so they deserve to be treated like so. They will naturally show more respect and authority to you if you respect them.


2.   Not approaching ideas with open mind

This point ties in with the ego of a manager, being too stubborn to approach ideas with a open mind isn’t healthy because it is always important to get feedback and views from other people. This doesn’t mean that you always have to act on what other people think, it simply means to listen to what people have to say and let that aid you in making a decision. There is two sides to every coin, not just one.


3.   Punishing mistakes to heavy extents

A lot of people don’t get things right on the first attempt, making mistakes is better than treading so carefully that you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with ideas. As a manger, if you are punishing your staff harshly when they make an error, this will cause them to be fearful when doing tasks as they will know they could potentially get punished when something isn’t right. The best way some people learn is the hard way, making mistakes is natural and can be very beneficial to an extent. If somebody continues to make the same mistakes, that is when a serious one to one talk has to occur as they have not been learning or are finding a task hard, your job as a manger should be to offer guidance and support to those who need it.


4.   Setting impossible standards

Giving tasks to your team that look impossible isn’t as motivating as one might expect, it is proven that when people actually reach targets and achieve, they are more likely to repeat and aim to achieve the targets again. Having expectations or standards too high is a common mistake that leaders make as it may induce thoughts in the team members such as “we’re never going to make that target”, “why am we trying so hard and still not meeting these standards” and these are all negative thoughts as opposed to the positive thoughts they will have if they reach their targets.


5.   Being half hearted in your decisions

Proving that you are trustworthy comes in how you act and make decisions. A manager that is always constantly avoiding making decisions or second guessing himself will not get respect or trust because he/she is showing that they can’t even be sure in themselves. As a manager you have to take responsibility when your decisions go wrong but this shouldn’t stop you in being confident.


To conclude, being a manger will be a tough task for some people depending on their previous experience, however, after reading the article you should know some of the common mistakes to avoid. Making these mistakes is not a big deal however, it is important that you learn from them and perhaps by learning the hard way, you will gain more experience on what to do and what no to do. Being a better manager means better results from your team, meaning a happy, successful environment. 

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