How To Create High Quality Employee Training Videos

Jan 20, 2016

How To Create High Quality Employee Training Videos

Employee training programs are essential to your company’s success. They help boost your employees’ overall performance, which will definitely benefit your business. However, boring employee training programs can prevent you from achieving your goals.

Incorporating high quality training videos will not only increase your company’s credibility, but also improve your staff morale as good quality training helps employees do their job with maximum efficiency.


Quality Training Videos Boost Staff Morale

High quality training videos will no doubt uplift your employees. This leads to increased profit and overall company performance. Various studies have shown that it is easier for people to understand and recall essential information when they are presented through multimedia messages, than through plain and boring text.

Quality employee training videos help your employees acquire new skills, which will increase their productivity, efficiency, and self-esteem. They can also improve employee loyalty by presenting a new approach to the important aspects of your business.


How to Create High Quality Employee Training Videos

Here are some helpful tips in creating high quality employee training videos:


Maintain Brand Consistency

Establish brand credibility and awareness with your employees. This is equally important as building your image with the public. Maintaining brand consistency simply means that the content of your videos will reflect your company’s culture. Present your business ideals through the fonts, scripts, colors, and other visual elements in your training videos. Always remember to be consistent with your visuals or your employees will leave the room confused. 


Create a Detailed Script

You need to organize all the information that you need to relay when creating a script. While you already know what to tell your staff, making an effective script will help you save time and deliver your messages efficiently. The script allows you to choose appropriate visuals and have a better video timing. Keep a friendly tone, and do not forget to use short sentences. 


Make it Clear and Concise

The messages that you will present in your employee training videos should be precise and simple; otherwise, your target audience will be confused. Remove the unnecessary information, and limit the amount of details that your people can absorb in one session. Going beyond this limit will result in wasted time.

If you need to share plenty of information, then consider breaking them into several videos. Keep your messages short, and avoid redundancy. Your goal should be to engage your staff and help them recall as many important details as possible. 


Get Great Speakers to Present

Another effective way to present important information to your staff is to let other people do the talking. Aside from the eye-catching visuals that you created, you can also consider having great speakers to effectively deliver the main ideas of the training program. These speakers can be your employees, influential people, or professional actors and actresses. 


Invest in a Quality Video Camera

In years gone by, filming videos often came with a hefty price tag. As you can see on this video camera buying guide article by List Technology, you can pick up video cameras to suit literally any budget. If you are unsure of which brand to buy, the Canon brand of camera is the one most-often recommended by video experts.


 Maintain Professionalism

An entertaining video should not sacrifice professionalism. Employee training videos that are filled with serious talking will not produce outstanding outcomes. However, you also need to maintain a good balance between entertainment and the serious topics that need to be discussed. 

Keeping this balance will allow you to create a video that is easy to watch, but effective enough to empower your employees. Use fresh and creative ways to deliver your messages. Engage your staff emotionally and intellectually for a long-lasting information retention. 


Focus Only on Creating High Quality Videos

Keep these tips in mind, and you will surely produce high quality employee training videos that your staff will surely remember forever. However, it is important to watch out for the small errors that could sabotage your big plan. Get the visuals, titles, and voiceovers as perfect as you can. Invest more time and effort if necessary until you create the most powerful training tool that you have done. 

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