7 Reasons to Incorporate Pinterest Into Your Marketing Strategy

Jan 05, 2016

7 Reasons to Incorporate Pinterest Into Your Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is getting bigger and bigger and most likely here to stay as a mainstream social media platform. As the user base continues to swell, so do the marketing options for savvy content marketers and business owners.

Growth aside, Pinterest offers many more benefits for marketers and here are the best reasons as to why you should to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy.

Fantastic penetration. In fact, 66% of the pinners claim that that they make use of this service so that they can find items to buy and then gather the things which motivate them. Given its high popularity these days, being on Pinterest gives your brand a needed boost when people see your market offerings being highly visible online and most especially, when they see it via Pinterest.


Strong community. Pinterest has a very strong community feel about it and users congregate to group boards that they grow to trust. You can leverage this friendly social feel to build trust with your brand.


Long term advantages. Did you know that pins last forever? The content that you post (hopefully, quality content) has a far longer shelf life than a Tweet or Facebook post for example. It’s for this reason that a single pin for you brand can get re-pinned and shared day after day, prolonging the opportunity for your post to go truly viral.


Stable traffic. One of the really interesting things about Pinterest is that you can use it to drive consistent traffic. For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, Group Boards are where the marketing value lays within Pinterest. These boards are community boards where, once you have access to Pin to them, you can pin your links to the board for Followers of that board to see and engage with. One you craft a nice piece of content, you’ll find that your content gets re-pinned into other Group Boards for thousands more people to see. This pin and re-pin process can truly send you content viral for weeks, or months on end. Take this article for example on losing thigh fat. It has over 120,000 shares on Pinterest and delivers thousands of visitors per month.


Use Pinterest to launch your website. is a relatively new website but is gaining some fantastic ground on Pinterest and driving consistent traffic. Whereas it can take many months to generate traffic from SEO efforts via Google, Pinterest can be an almost instant source of traffic for new websites. This article, at the time of writing, was bringing in 1000+ new visitors per day just due to it shared throughout multiple Group Boards.


Pinterest keeps you up to date with the latest trends. Pinterest offers amazing signals of what the latest trends are and some of the most well-known products in a given industry or niche so if you involve yourself in the community you give yourself the chance of being right on the cutting edge of what’s hot and what’s not. In particular, if you have a product or brand offering in the niches beauty, fashion, wellness, cooking, crafts, motherhood, health and home and garden, you’re well positioned to take advantage.


Users are open to marketing. Since Pinterest is a site which is all about community, it is also welcoming to those pinners with intent for marketing, and eventually, sales. This is not common for many other social platforms and so long as you provide the right balance between educational and sales content, you’re well setup for success due to the tolerant nature of Pinterest.


Summing Up

Pinterest is very much here to stay and as a thriving and growing social media platform, has developed into a must-use marketing platform for businesses. Don’t get caught out, now is the time to jump on board if you are not yet using Pinterest as part of your marketing plan.


Author Bio:

Greg Nunan is an internet marketing expert and founder of Winning Edge Digital. Greg helps businesses find the right platforms to promote themselves online and leverage the power of online marketing for customer acquisition.

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