5 Must have enterprise tools

Nov 30, 2015

A big enterprise will inevitably be hard to manage because of the amount of work, ideas and people that you will have working at the same time. Here are 5 handy tools to effectively give you a hand at managing all the workload and to make your life easier.

1.  Conference calling - GoToMeeting

Business conference calls are important for a company because it enables the chance to have a real time conversation with each other regardless of geographic locations. This is vital to the success of a business because it allows members to be away from the business HQ but still be involved in any decision making process.

GoToMeeting is a popular tool to do just this and it has many features that make it a top investment. Its ease of use means it has tools such as personalised URLs for instant meetings, HD video conferencing, screen sharing from a PC or iPad just to name a few.

2.   Content management tools - Alfresco 

Depending on your organisation's niche, content management might be a very high priority because it is imperative that content is easily accessed, organised and controlled. Modern CM tools enable enterprises to store, organise, preserve, record and deliver content very efficiently.

Alfresco is one of the most used programs in this field. It is a hybrid cloud enterprise content management (ECM) platform. It allows users to collaborate, discuss and share wherever they are and it even works on mobile.

3.  Project Management Tools -  Clarizen

A successful project will need the full involvement of project members. Having a tool to manage a project is essential because you will need to have project deadlines, task allocation, priorities, email integration and other features that will keep everything under one roof.

Clarizen is a wonderful example of efficient project managers. With Clarizen, you can: eliminate work chaos, gain real-time visibility into processes, customise the system to match your business environment, create high-performance teams and the ease of use of this software enables your to get up and running quickly.

4.  Innovation management tools - Bright Idea 

Businesses need to constantly innovate to grow in productivity and to stay ahead of its competitors. Having a shared place to note down ideas where you can analyse, vote and discuss them is vital because it enables the company as a whole to make collaborative decisions on the latest ideas by interacting with each other.

Brightidea dashboard

Bright Idea is a great tool because it allows you to do precisely what you want it to do, track and manage everything all in one place. Its main command centre allows you to overlook all the processes and check stats like involvement and engagement.

5.  Company Communication Tool - Yammer

Having a central communication source for your enterprise is key. Every member of the organisation must be able to be easily contacted because there will be many times where you need to interact with other people in your company.

Yammer is a private social network for your enterprise that will enable users to easily interact with other people on the same private network. 

These 5 tools will certainly boost your company productivity by simply being organised. These are just some examples under each field, there are many more alternatives out there which you may want to look into depending on your budget.

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