The top 4 rules for a great brand logo

Nov 02, 2015

The top 4 rules for a great brand logo

A company logo is the forefront for a company. Is it the small picture that will represent and become the embodiment of your organisation or is it the image itself that you put forward, with the help of that image? Either way,  this article is about what every business owner and advertising professional already knows, whether it is for a large company or a startup: it MUST be a great logo.

What makes a great logo?

There are 4 ground rules, or the” foundation” if you wish, that you should follow if you want your brand logo to be successful.

  1. Symbolism - The brand logo you decide to create must be representative of what you are as a business
  2. Distinguished - What good is a logo if it isn’t easily distinguished and recognised? Go with the KISS principle. Keep it simple but punchy so it has a lasting effect on the audience.
  3. Clear and precise - Do not overcomplicate your logo in the mind state where “more is better”, ”bigger is better”, or ”more colour”, in most cases having a uncluttered design is the best way to go.
  4. High quality - Make sure your logo is of a high, professional standard regardless of the medium it’s being used in.

Here are some examples of logo images, analysing them to help you understand what makes a great, or a not-so-great logo.

Kate's FloristThis particular example of a logo isn’t the best if you were following our 4 steps. The overall quality of this isn’t as top tier as more of the successful brand logo images. This comes down to the fact that it doesn’t look very professional because of the font choice, low quality stock images and other small details such as the images being un-cropped and still have the default white space on and around the edge. 


This logo by McArdle’s is much better in terms of professionalism and design than the previous one. Both are from the same type of company, being florists. 

The color scheme on this is consistant throughout the design and links directly to what they do. This logo can be easily implemented into business cards or products. The tag line sits just below the main company title in a lighter shade which attracts attention to the actual name of the organisation.

Below this are some logo’s that are recognised world wide. They follow the 4 fundamentals of a stand out logo, they represent the company in a small picture and are unique. 

Popular logo images

This article is not intended as a comprehensive study into the science of logos but more as a first step towards looking at a few of the things that distinguish a good logo from a less noticeable one. In the end, logo images are important to a business whether that's sales, e-commerce, marketing, consultancy, fast-food, etc. Any company should have a strong logo to be their solid forefront.

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