Top 5 ways to improve your communication skills: Step 3 and 4

Aug 13, 2015

Top 5 ways to improve your communication skills: Step 3 and 4


Business connectivity is defined as the way your organisation talks to the wider world. It could be via your employees, so people to people; it could be the way your systems connect to the systems of other companies; or finally it could be the sum of your data links.

3) Building rapport

Rapport is a state of harmonious understanding with another individual or group that enables greater and easier communication.  In other words rapport is getting on well with another person, or group of people, by having things in common; this makes the communication process easier and usually more effective. 

Sometimes rapport happens naturally, you ‘hit it off’ or ‘get on well’ with somebody else without having to try, this is often how friendships are built.  However, rapport can also be built and developed by finding common ground, developing a bond and being empathic.

First stage of building rapport is to develop common ground


4) Common Ground

Find something you share in common with the other person.

To use the Common Ground method of establishing trust and rapport you simply interact with the person using small talk to discover what you both have in common. This common ground becomes your connecting link upon which to break the ice and build rapport.

Common ground can be anything that you share together. It can be anything that you are both interested in. It doesn't have to be related to work. It doesn't have to be of great importance. You do, however, want to start with "safe" obvious items and avoid controversial topics.

After comes, matching, mirroring, pacing and leading.

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