Dr John Kotter - Accelerating organisational change to achieve success

Jul 22, 2014

Dr John Kotter - Accelerating organisational change to achieve success

Achieving success in todays ever-changing global village is by no means easy! The sheer pace of fluctuating markets, new governments and latest technology has created fresh uncharted business territory, which organisations are finding unpredictable and almost impossible to navigate.



Organisations wishing to succeed must consider these key questions:

  1. How to anticipate and manage new threats?
  2. How to embrace and maximise new windows of opportunity?

Dr John Kotter, a world-renowned leading author on change, believes that oragnisations have “crossed a line”.

In the video below, Dr Kotter explains that organisations have to create a new structure enabling them to be fast and agile whilst remaining reliable and efficient.

This unique structure is based on two pillars:

  1. A strong spirit of entrepreneurialism, allowing a flow of creativity, new ideas and innovation
  2. The traditional “modern organisation” model which focuses on processes, procedures and methods.


I like to think of this as the creation of a Hybrid Organisation, allowing the use of both operating systems to achieve consistent and sustainable success.


It is indeed an interesting model and one that, when implemented, could lead to, increased wealth, better products and services and most importantly profitable growth.  I have watched the video several times and I find myself pondering on a thought: if companies like Nokia, Blockbuster Video and Swissair had implemented this concept, would they still have suffered such catastrophic failures or would they be market leaders within their industries?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.


Michael Kay

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