Effective Decision Making

Jul 04, 2014

Effective Decision Making

How to make tough calls

Effective decision making is a vital skill for any leader. The greatest leaders in the world have a unique ability, almost a sixth sense, when it comes to making decisions.  

So what do these leaders possess that makes them different? What makes them stand out from the rest?

Unfortunately there is no secret formula! Great leaders possess a unique blend of knowledge and experience that allows them to, not just make swift decisions, but make the right decisions!




In the video Richard Branson explains, as leaders, “one of the key skills when making decisions is the simple understanding that the buck stops with them”. The core of Richard Branson’s message is that great leaders need to show strength of character and take responsibility for the tough calls they make.


Another great leader that also adopted the same philosophy was Barrack Obama who said in March 2006:

“Leadership means the buck stops here”.

So becoming a great leader takes time, dedication, hard work and ultimately...experience. However there are a set of key steps that will allow you to adopt an effective decision making process. 

  1. The ability to set clear and concise objectives
  2. Analyse and Evaluate alternatives
  3. Making a choice
  4. Implementing the chosen solution
  5. Evaluating the effectiveness of the decision.

By following these steps your ability to make decisions improves. Over time you will then develop a “sixth sense” and eventually start to trust your instincts.

If you would like to develop your Leadership and Decision making skills here are two suggested LMC courses:

DP12 Executive Decision Making and Problem Solving

L19 Robust Leadership and Executive Decision Making


Look forward to seeing your comments.


Michael Kay

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