Managing People - A Steve Jobs Perspective

Jul 01, 2014

Managing People - A Steve Jobs Perspective

It is safe to say that almost every person in the world owns at least one Apple product, whether an iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac. Why are we so loyal to Apple? What makes them different and why do they continue to develop new, innovative and ground breaking products?

The secret to success for any organisation (not just Apple) depends, almost entirely, on its ability to effectively manage people. However this is easier said than done!

Managing people effectively requires a unique blend of skills:

Leadership: The ability to guide and direct a team to success; in many cases through difficult and challenging times.

Motivation: Keeping a team determined, focused and "hungry" for success.

Listening: This is one of the most underrated skills in management. The ability to listen to people and acquire constant feedback is critical to achieving success.

Building Teams: The ability to group together focused individuals allowing them to think, create and innovate is the most important element of people management.


The video clip below gives unique insight into how Steve Jobs manages people, what he believes in and how managing people effectively has made Apple one of the strongest global companies in history.

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