How do organisations Increase employee engagement through HRM?

Jun 25, 2014

How do organisations Increase employee engagement through HRM?

A Harrods case study

People are a vital resource of any successful organisation. They are responsible for interacting daily with a variety of stakeholders such as customers, senior managers and suppliers, to ensure the day-to-day running of the business.

Harrods has been in business for over 160 years and employs 4000 people. In 2010 Harrods was purchased by Qatar Holding who embarked on a unique and challenging programme of change focused on creating competitive edge by positively engaging its employees.

 Effective HRM includes 3 key steps:

    • Recruitment and selection - attracting suitable new employees.
    • Performance - enabling employees to perform their roles to the best of their ability
    • Development - developing all employees to build their careers through identifying career progression opportunities.

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