Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Jun 25, 2020

Mental health has never been as challenged as right now, with many of us struggling to cope with the changes imposed by the global pandemic. Due to the increased awareness and understanding of workplace stress, mental health programmes are more common now than ever before. Whilst there is support available for every business, it isn’t always easy to implement an effective and joined up strategy.

In this webinar, Petra Velzeboer, International Keynote Speaker and Mental Health Consultant will talk about the best ways of keeping staff engaged including how to stay emotionally connected with all remote workers.

Key points to be addressed during this webinar,

  • mental health & stigma in the workplace
  • the effect of isolation on mental health during Covid-19
  • how to manage your employees dealing with mental health issues 
  • how to optimise your own mental health and the challenges faced during this period  
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