Crisis Management & Business Continuity

Jun 23, 2020

Coronavirus is having a profound impact on us all, providing unprecedented business and personal challenges as we seek to adjust to life in these difficult times. 
As huge efforts are being made across the world to contain COVID-19, there will be a series of consequences for businesses to manage with long reaching implications.
COVID-19 is focusing the minds of business leaders across the globe as they seek to negotiate the peaks and troughs of this crisis.
This webinar will address the challenges of leading effectively during times of crisis and provide insight into developing business resilience during a period of uncertainty.
It will provide thoughts and thinking which will be required in order to operate and manage key business activities, whilst retaining the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.
It will also focus on one of the key essential changes as organisations seek to implement their business continuity plans, managing and working remotely, giving thoughts and ideas on how to manage this change effectively.



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