Factsheet Links

LC24 Inspirational Leadership

LL4 Lean Leadership

EL9 Developing Executive Leadership Skills

LV1 Visionary Leadership and Strategic Thinking

L74 Strategic Formulation and Direction

LN1 Influential Communication and Critical Thinking

LC30 Inspirational Leadership and Change

SF3 Formulating Corporate Strategy

TC19 Bid and Tendering Management Leading to Contract

SP15 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

F35 Financial Risk Management

F42 Strategic Financial Management

F11 Financial Modelling and Decision Making

FN9 Finance for Non-Financial Managers

LMC 2018 Schedule

DP12 Executive Decision Making and Problem Solving

PS18 Creating High Impact Public Relations Strategies

HR16 Human Resources Management

SM4 Business Strategy and Change Management

TD15 Identifying Training Needs and Preparing a Development Plan

IR7 Interpersonal Effectiveness and Collaborative Employee Relations

PD11 Talent Management – Developing Key Personnel

PC12 Project Planning and Control

CN3 Contract Negotiation and Purchasing

CS2 Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategy Formulation

PR11 Developing Essential Public Relations Skills

MPR2 An Introduction to the World of Media and PR

PR5 Public Relations Strategy for Senior Managers

HR21 Human Resource Management Using Data and Analytics

Human Resource Management Course Guide 2018

The Advanced Management Programme

Strategic Management for Directors and Senior Managers

SC45 Successful Project Management

SC46 Advanced Project Management

P12 Effective Project Procurement Management

PM21 Project Management for Department Heads

SP12 Global Supply Chains and International Trade

SP13 Advanced International Sourcing and Purchasing

CN27 Persuasive Communication and Negotiation Skills

C26 Communication Skills and Assertiveness

CP3 The Art of Effective Communication and Compelling Presentation

PR13 Influential Presentation Skills and Report Writing 

N26 Effective Negotiation Skills

SH19 Strategic Change Management for HR Professionals

BP10 Business Process Management and Change

AD3 Commercial Planning and Change

M28 Evaluating Risk, Decision Making and Change

M33 Change Management for Global Organisations

CM21 Coaching and Mentoring for Line Managers

SC36 Organisational Skills for Supervisors

SC32 Successful Supervisory Skills for Team Leaders

SC33 Effective Management for Supervisors and Team Leaders

MC22 Effective Marketing Communication

CM8 The Complete Marketing Programme

SE1 Fundamentals of Effective Selling

SM31 Advanced Sales Management

PM10 Performance Measurement, Tools and Techniques

LT7 Talent Management and Succession Planning

RC3 Recruitment, Selection and Talent Retention

CB7 Compensation Benefits and Industrial Relations