Customised Solutions

Customised Training

In addition to a wide range of public programmes which can be presented exclusively for an organisation, we also assist by designing customised training solutions.

Whether in a traditional training room environment or as Virtual Online Training, LMC deliver key knowledge, skills and experience which ensures dynamic and memorable training experiences.

Working exclusively for one company provides the opportunity to modify contents and emphasis to suit the needs of each organisation. 

Customised training allows you flexibility of timings and duration combined with a specific focus on the training needs of your team and their development.

Customised training programmes are designed to consolidate and integrate the key issues of the learning objectives, which are then linked to organisational strategy and culture, in order to be fully effective. Programmes can be followed-up to ensure that the needed change takes places.

The Benefits of Customised Courses:

For the Company:

  • Workforce motivation
  • Increased workforce loyalty
  • Improved business performance
  • Forming business strategy by identifying strengths and weaknesses

For the Employee:

  • Enhanced personal skills
  • Individual sense of achievement
  • Renewed ambition
  • Increased job satisfaction

Virtual Training:

  • Interactive and engaging use of the latest technology
  • Flexibility of dates and timing
  • Training can take place in the home of the office
  • Online support

Why Choose LMC?

Cost Effective

Customised training delivered at LMC’s state of the art training centre, your offices, or at a local venue can significantly reduce the cost of your training, while enabling you to hold a course which is designed to the specifications of your organisation.

Convenience and Efficiency

Courses can be held at a time which is convenient to the needs of your company, to ensure that your staff have the skills and knowledge required when you need it the most. Training can be delivered in a face-to-face environment or online, to minimise time away from the office.

Professional Accreditations and Affiliations

Our commitment to high quality training and world-class support and service is reflected in our accreditation and affiliation with leading professional bodies. LMC can design and deliver a number of endorsed programmes to further emphasise the quality of your customised training programme.

LMC’s Approach to Customised Training

Analysing and understanding the needs of your business

Through open discussion of the requirements of your organisation, we will develop an understanding of your business goals and priorities to ensure the best solution.

Working exclusively for one company provides the opportunity to modify contents and emphasis to suit the needs of each organisation.

Building a programme tailored to your organisation

Whether the aim of the course is to bridge skills gaps, create or upskill a team to address organisational challenges, to attract and retain talent or to achieve business goals and priorities, LMC will use our vast experience across sectors and our wide range of courses to create your tailored training programme.

Our wide range of subject matter expertise and experience allows us to deliver a full range of courses for employees at every level in any business function.

Training delivered with impact

Maximising success for you. Maximising success for your employees.

LMC will deliver the highest quality training, how you need it and when you need it.

Whether delivered through an online platform in your home or at the office or delivered in a face-to-face training environment, your team will develop the skills and knowledge to improve performance and carry out their roles with confidence.

Delegates will improve their understanding and professional capabilities during each session.

This will empower your employees to return to work and instantly apply their new knowledge.

Ongoing Support

After each course, your employees will not be alone.  Our exclusive Post Training Course service, will allow organisations to focus on developing talent, maximising human potential and enhancing business performance.

Discuss Your Customised Training Needs Today

Contact LMC today to find out how LMC can help you to address the needs of your organisation and develop the skills of your staff.

Our expert team are on hand to consult and advise on training solutions that will bring you both value and results.

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