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In a rapidly changing global marketplace, it is essential that you and your organisation possess the skills to lead in the most trying of circumstances. This interactive programme is designed to look at the various risks and crisis circumstances which can put your business under unexpected pressure, and provide you with approaches and techniques to respond to the unexpected.

The programme has been designed to introduce participants to tools and techniques which will improve their knowledge and skills of project management, allowing their departments to adopt unified methods and approaches to key business projects. 

The programme will help to instil a culture of trust and teamwork, while using time and resources effectively.

The course is designed to help managers understand why corporate social responsibility is important in the modern business environment and enable them to examine how organisational behaviour is impacted by CSR.  The course will then continue to identify how CSR can be incorporated into strategy formulation.

This interactive course has been designed to provide delegates with a clear understanding of the dynamics occurring between people when they are working on a one-to-one basis. By introducing participants to a range of coaching and mentoring models and approaches, your personal management style will be transformed, delivering great benefit to your organisation.

This engaging practical programme is designed to provide participants with the tools and skills to plan and deliver high quality events. Delegates will also understand the practicalities and challenges of delivering high-impact events.

This interactive programme has been designed to provide delegates with an understanding of the role of objectives and KPIs in driving business and individual performance. Participants will appreciate the performance management cycle and its links to strategy while learning how KPIs can help to manage performance at an individual, department or company level.

As innovation and technological advancement continue to develop at pace, more and more organisations are learning how to change faster to remain competitive. However, many of them tend to use outdated change management approaches that are not equipped to manage rapid changes. This course will introduce delegates to a different mindset, demonstrating methods which will prepare your organisation to embrace change and implement a Lean system.

In recent years we have experienced a rapid rate of change, with technological advances working hand in hand with globalisation to make dramatic changes to the way that businesses operate. New challenges have made it vitally important to be an aware and purposeful leader of change. This programme has been designed to expose business leaders to modern approaches which will allow them to shape the future of their organisations and display the principles of visionary leadership.

This course looks at the world of Cybersecurity and the risks which can lead to a breach organisational defences and systems. It will demonstrate the necessity for organisations of all sizes to have a cybersecurity plan and an understanding of the risk to their operations. The course will provide you with an introduction to cybersecurity and the tools and techniques required to create a plan to address this threat.

The course is deliberately targeted at non-IT professionals so they can learn how other professions should take responsibility for cybersecurity issues. 

This inspirational course will help delegates develop action plans to improve their leadership effectiveness, empower their team to achieve excellent results and create a culture of responsible ownership. Delegates will identify their leadership vision to help them impact on their organisation's performance and achievement.