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In the modern business environment, effective dispute resolution is of critical importance when trying to minimise the damaged relationships and costs of commercial disputes. This course will give participants an insight into dispute resolution, and the ways in which dispute resolution, mediation and settling disputes can be implemented in order to avoid court litigation, and to understand how to communicate with legal teams whatever the necessary course of action. Delegates will gain an insight into the various dispute resolution and mediation techniques as well as providing the skills to effectively communicate your position.

This interactive course is designed to strengthen managers’ leadership skills and develop an understanding of how to lead their teams effectively by employing influencing skills. The course will start by identifying the challenges of leading, rather than managing, and then move on to identify strategies for using influence to manage change, resolve problems and difficulties within the team and communicate more influentially.

The Women in Leadership course has been designed to address the key factors which are essential to making successful women leaders. It will focus on the experience of women who have achieved leadership roles and will encourage delegates to develop the confidence to undertake the challenges facing women in the modern workplace. The programme will provide delegates with the practical skills required to lead and inspire others and consider strategies designed to increase the presence of women in senior posts.

Speed and clarity of communication are essential in the event of a cybersecurity breach.  This course will introduce delegates to the most effective approaches to design a communication plan and will also help to develop the communications skills required to ensure the message gets out.

The course will also improve communication of the goals and value of cybersecurity planning across the organisation, as well as introducing you to the key tools and techniques for internal and external communication of cybersecurity matters.

This course has been designed to provide delegates with an understanding of critical commercial issues affecting the business which will improve their ability to influence decisions and take a key role within the organisation.
With a strong commercial focus, this course will inform and motivate staff to take a strategic focus to their work leading to a more cost effective and profitable business impact. This course will also improve how delegates work with internal and external stakeholders.
It will introduce delegates to a range of key business areas by employing memorable and practical approaches to complex areas such as commercial awareness, strategy implementation and contract management.

Digital developments present huge opportunities to organisation’s, but this also brings new risk and threats.  As your business becomes increasingly dependent on online technology, it is exposed to cybersecurity threats which can be hugely disruptive and damaging to operations.

This relevant and current course will provide you with the tools and techniques to plan for the risk of cybersecurity threats, and help you prepare a team equipped to respond to a threat.

This course will introduce delegates to the importance of cybersecurity in their organisation. By taking a practical approach, delegates will gain a strong understanding of best practice in this field, and be able to link this to their company’s current strategy and culture. It provides a great first step in understanding the importance of considering cybersecurity in modern business.

Digital marketing is a key component of any modern marketing strategy.  As technological advancement and buyer behavior continue to change dramatically, it has become increasingly important for an organisation to embrace these methods.  This course will provide an introduction to the approaches and techniques required by providing participants with an understanding of how to design, deliver and measure digital marketing campaigns. 

As you move into a more senior role as a project manager, you will increasingly take on larger and more complex project work. Our advanced project management courses give you the specialised skills you will need to deliver a higher standard of work.  It will enhance the learning of experienced Project Managers by helping them to develop, manage and evaluate projects more effectively. 

Delegates attending this course will learn advanced techniques to enable them to plan, manage, deliver and evaluate projects more effectively, whilst utilising resources and leading teams with a greater efficiency and effectiveness.  

This informative and practical course will equip delegates with the tools and techniques to better understand the value of capturing and working with HR data to support business strategies.

The programme takes an evidence-based approach to HR procedures and demonstrates the value of looking at information and interpreting analytics in order to solve workforce problems. It will provide delegates with the skill to not just capture information but to use it for strategic purpose.