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Training and development is a critical strategic function which forms a major component of organisational growth and success. This programme will enable the specialist of training and development operations to create, manage and evaluate a cost-effective, value adding training function which meets the needs of the organisation. This course will emphasise the value of undertaking a full training needs analysis to be able to tailor training and development activities to your organisation's objectives.  It will also provide delegates with an understanding of the process underpinning the creation of training courses and the development of training specialists.

This course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of contemporary strategic issues which is essential to their organisations' long-term survival and growth in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The course reviews the main external information from many perspectives, including economic, governance, technological and accounting.  It will also provide effective sources of information which should be a key part of any executive’s environmental scanning strategy. 

This course explores the importance of linking performance measurement with company strategy to ensure a coherent approach to performance management.  The course will examine the use of both financial and non-financial measures, as well as the challenges of controlling divisionalized performance.  This practical and engaging course will also consider how performance monitoring and appraisal can be linked to employee motivation retention and development.

This programme is designed to identify the importance of financial reporting in business while looking at the framework of accounting and financial reporting standards.  Delegates will learn how to identify key accounting issues and report them on financial statements.

This course will also explore how internal reporting contributes to control of costs, revenues, investment, and financing, which is essential in the identification and rectification of problems while making and implementing profitable and value-adding decisions.

This course is designed to provide delegates with the strategies and techniques to identify financial risks and to mitigate them. This course will enhance delegates’ awareness of the subject while providing them with the tools and skills to implement risk management procedures. Participants will also develop an understanding of the main types of financial risks while receiving practical approaches to manage and mitigate them.

This course studies the key issues in managing both on-going and project procurement processes and helps to develop successful approaches for working with both colleagues and suppliers. It will help to build an understanding of the procurement cycle and will explore key procurement terminology, models and techniques.  Delegates will also focus on essential approaches for employing management techniques in this business area.

This programme examines the key challenges related to project procurement and will allow delegates to develop effective strategies to deal with these issues. Delegates attending this course will develop techniques and approaches to enable them to balance initial costs with lifetime costs, deal with and meet deadlines and obtain the value for money.

In today's volatile business environment companies need to enhance their budgeting process to meet the high demands placed on management. This course will deliver the understanding of the significance of budgeting and its proactive use within the organisation. Delegates will have an opportunity to explore ways in which operational cost control combined with budgeting will enhance the overall performance of themselves and their organisations.

CPD Certified Courses

The driving force of any organisation is its people. That means that attracting the best people, selecting them for the most appropriate job roles, and retaining them through motivation and development is crucial. This course will provide delegates with the essential skills for recruitment and selection, as well as experienced input, and invaluable tools, to ensure effectiveness in their HR role.  From identifying the need to fill a position, right through to their training and development plan and personal objectives. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn and develop these skills, with new ideas, which will allow them to gain confidence in a safe environment, facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable tutors.

One of the key challenges faced in the current business environment is to develop and maintain a competitive advantage. Leaders and managers need to create a sustainable environment in which valuing and developing talent is second nature. These concepts must become embedded in the culture of the organisation in order for it to succeed. This in-depth development course will provide participants with the knowledge and tools required to create and manage a successful talent management strategy.