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In order to be successful, organisations need to deliver world-class levels of performance across the full range of business operations. A world-class organisation needs to be agile and needs to anticipate changing circumstances across its industry. Having the right information at the right time, organisations can make decisions and take timely actions. It needs to know that its strategic goals and targets are going to be met.

This course will focus on the operational excellence that will develop an organisational culture that achieves long-term sustainable growth and performance development through the enhancement of employee empowerment and motivation.

Who should attend

This challenging course is designed for professionals, Managers and Team Leaders and those who wish to gain the knowledge and understanding of the latest management skills and techniques to improve the overall performance of employees and the organisation as whole.


Building a world class climate for excellence 

  • World class Vs Best in class
  • Clarity of purpose for the organisation
  • Transparency of organisational values
    • Accountability, integrity, trust, 
  • KPIs vs. OKRs: why you need both to be successful

Staying ahead of the curve

  • Leadership at all levels
  • Business innovation
  • Understanding technology as an enabler to promote positive growth
  • Developing strategies: moving from surviving to thriving

Operational excellence

  • Principles of operational excellence
  • Moving information seamlessly from strategy to operation
  • Aligning organisational objectives
  • Building a customer-centric model
  • Creating value for the customer - VA vs NVA
  • Flow & Pull Value

Developing a world-class workforce

  • SCRUM for operational collaboration
  • Building an energised and engaged workforce
  • The Kaizen cycle of continuous improvement
  • Creating a sustainable internal customer supply chain

Adapting and becoming Agile 

  • Adapting to quickly changing environments
  • Hallmark of an Agile organisation
  • Cultivate agility within the organisation
  • Building a culture focused on growth
  • Adopting a “change for the better” attitude

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand what is World-Class in a business setting
  • Develop and benchmark to improve operational performance
  • Explore KPIs and OKRs
  • Recognise the impact of business innovation
  • Employ the principles of operational excellence
  • Recognise how SCRUM can support collaboration
  • Adapt to a fast changing environment
  • Become an agile organisation

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