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Workforce Planning to Achieve Strategic Objectives



Workforce planning is a process that should be linked to the organisational strategy and organisational goals. This course has been designed to show how the approaches that need to be taken for workforce planning to align with the future changing organisational needs, to synchronise with HR planning and to be evaluated using HR metrics.

Delegates will gain a real insight into analysing the current workforce, determining future workforce needs, identify the gaps between the present and the future and how to implement solutions that will enable the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives.

Who should attend

This highly recommended course is aimed at HR Specialists, Analysts and Co-ordinators, as well as all those who are involved in formulating and implementing a workforce plan.


Understanding the organisational strategy and its operating environment

  • What are the short, medium and long term aims of your organisation?
  • Creating tomorrows organisational strategy (Divergent vs convergent thinking)
  • Understanding the drivers to your organisations success, and the barriers
  • Business planning context -  Input - Throughput - Output Model

Understand the drivers of workforce planning

  • History and context of workforce planning
  • Writing effective policies around workforce planning
  • Internal drivers versus external drivers of workforce planning
  • ‘Hard’ workforce planning and ‘soft’ workforce planning

Developing a workforce planning process

  • Why have workforce planning as an initiative?
  • Understand the various models and techniques of workforce planning
  • Identifying information available in your organisation to inform workforce planning
  • Understanding the links between workforce planning and other HR activities

Implementing a workforce plan

  • Developing an implementation process for the workforce plans
  • Achieving consensus of the plan – identify any obstacles
  • Getting the ‘buy in’ from all parts of the organisation
  • Identifying the roles and capabilities to achieve a successful workforce planning

Evaluating the value and impact of workforce plan

  • Identifying and setting the evaluation criteria
  • Reviewing and recording the workforce plan with HR metrics
  • Identifying innovative methods to capture learning
  • Feeding back the learning to keep the workforce plan relevant

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the organisations strategy and its operating environment
  • Understand the drivers of workforce planning
  • Develop a workforce planning process showing links to other HR activities
  • Implement a workforce plan
  • Review and capture learning, keeping the workforce plan relevant

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