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Transformational Leadership and Strategy Formulation

Development of strategy at departmental, business unit or organisational level

London fees £3600 Dubai fees $4400
Duration 5 days



Research has shown that lack of team building and strategic thinking are among the most significant weaknesses in modern management. This course provides high calibre managers with the opportunity to build upon their business knowledge, enabling them to think and act strategically - extending their personal and business vision past the immediate horizon.

Who should attend?

This challenging and informative course is designed for senior managers, department heads and directors who have the authority and personal inspiration to contribute to the development of strategy at departmental, business unit or organisational level.

  I am very satisfied with the programme I attended, I plan to apply the experience to both my home and work life. Anthony Emordi, Dept of Petroleum Resources (DPR)

Challenges of leadership

  • Designing the organisation
  • Instilling a culture of ethics and excellence
  • Understanding and selecting leadership styles

Organisational purpose

  • Defining vision, mission, objectives and values
  • Managing key stakeholders

Developing your own natural authority through greater self-awareness

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding and dealing with various personality types

Advanced techniques for strategy development

  • Understanding and utilising the Balanced Scorecard

Identifying strengths and weaknesses

  • Creating and implementing resource appraisal
  • Assessing value adding activities

Identifying opportunities and threats

  • Analysing the business environment
  • Conducting a competitor analysis

Evaluating and selecting alternatives

Preparing strategy for implementation

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

    • Identify leadership styles
    • Apply emotional intelligence to improve interpersonal relationships
    • Create an inspiring vision
    • Manage key stakeholders
    • Determine an appropriate organisational design
    • Develop strategic plans
    • Develop comprehensive strategies
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