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The Non-Executive Director



Until recently, the position of a non-executive director was predominantly associated with listed or large private companies. However, the current business landscape is evolving, acknowledging the invaluable perspective offered by the free-thinking independent directors. Our one-day course, provides a unique opportunity for delegates to delve into the complexities of this position. Designed for both aspiring and existing non-executive directors, this highly interactive course equips delegates with the practical insights to make a meaningful impact on the board. Through real-world scenarios and first-hand tips, delegates will gain the confidence to navigate the responsibilities of a non-executive director effectively.

Who should attend

This intensive course is designed for aspirant and current Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) seeking to enhance their skills and contribute effectively to modern corporate governance. Whether you are embarking on a NED career or looking to refine your existing expertise, this course equips you with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the complexities of the role. Explore the essential topics and best practices that will empower you to excel as a NED in the corporate world.


Introduction to Non-Executive Director (NED) Roles and Responsibilities

  • Explore the distinct roles and responsibilities of NEDs in modern corporate governance.
  • Understand the importance of NEDs in providing independent oversight and strategic guidance.

Board Dynamics and Effective Governance

  • Examine board dynamics, communication, and the NED's role in fostering effective governance.
  • Learn strategies for constructive engagement with executive directors and stakeholders.

Corporate Strategy and Risk Oversight

  • Delve into the NED's role in shaping corporate strategy and overseeing risk management.
  • Understand how to assess and mitigate key risks to protect the interests of the organisation.

Financial Acumen for NEDs

  • Enhance financial literacy to make informed decisions as a NED.
  • Interpret financial statements, assess performance, and evaluate financial health.

Ethics, Compliance, and Accountability

  • Explore ethical considerations in corporate governance and the NED's role in upholding integrity.
  • Navigate compliance requirements and mechanisms for ensuring accountability.

Stakeholder Engagement and Board Evaluation

  • Learn effective stakeholder engagement strategies for NEDs.
  • Understand board evaluation processes to enhance performance and effectiveness.

By the end of this course, delegates can expect to:

  • Understand NED Roles: Grasp the distinct roles and responsibilities of Non-Executive Directors in contemporary corporate governance.
  • Navigate Board Dynamics: Learn how to effectively engage with executive directors, stakeholders, and foster positive board dynamics.
  • Shape Corporate Strategy: Contribute to corporate strategy development and effectively oversee risk management.
  • Enhance Financial Literacy: Gain financial acumen to assess performance, financial health, and make informed decisions as a NED.
  • Uphold Ethics and Compliance: Navigate ethical considerations, compliance requirements, and mechanisms for ensuring accountability.
  • Engage Stakeholders: Develop strategies for meaningful stakeholder engagement and contribute to board evaluations to enhance overall board performance.

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