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The Art of Leadership and Team Building

Creating a work environment that encourages commitment, innovation and co-operation


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To achieve world class quality and outstanding customer service, leaders must utilise all available talent. They must discover ways to inspire, involve and empower their employees. This course will help delegates to create a work environment that encourages commitment, innovation and co-operation. Delegates will be gaining an insight into effective leadership and acquire the skills to manage, guide and develop a team to achieve success.

Who should attend

This challenging and informative course is designed for managers, senior managers and executives who wish to concentrate on the nature and practice of excellent business leadership. It will also enable them to discover the skills and behaviours necessary to improve overall team performance.

10 days

London | £5750


Appreciating Executive Leadership Challenges

  • Developing self-awareness of your personal leadership style and its impact on others
  • Creating a personal vision statement
  • Distinguishing between leadership and management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading beyond authority – influential leadership

Strategic Elements of Executive Leadership

  • Defining mission, vision and values
  • Creating a culture of trust and ownership
  • Planning, prioritising and control of day-to-day activities
  • Understanding the organisation, its politics and networks

Understanding and Managing Individual Behaviour

  • Situational Leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring others
  • Giving positive and negative feedback
  • Managing performance

Leadership Communication

  • Conducting powerful meetings
  • Presenting with confidence
  • Communicating upwards, downwards and across the organisation
  • Achieving results through effective communication

Problem-solving and Decision-making

  • Tools and techniques for effective problem-solving
  • Collective decision making

Creating an Executive Leadership Plan

  • Developing a plan based on your goals and your organisation's strategy

Recruitment and Selection

  • Preparing for selection interviews
  • Effective listening and questioning skills
  • Identifying talented individuals

Building a High Performance Team

  • Establishing team roles and responsibilities
  • Encouragement of mutual respect and co-operation
  • Running effective and productive meetings
  • Developing strategies for the team
  • Forecasting, establishing objectives, setting targets

Plans and Performance

  • Reviewing performance and how to handle poor performance
  • Positive and negative feedback
  • Coaching styles and techniques

Effective Communication Skills

  • Utilising NLP to improve communication skills
  • The power of positive language
  • Communication barriers
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Applying assertiveness in team briefings
  • Conflict resolution within the team

Managing Remote Teams

  • Identifying the challenges and opportunities of remote working
  • Understanding the emotional, psychological and physical requirements of remote workers
  • Developing and implementing communication systems and processes using technology such as online forums and online virtual meetings
  • Supporting and developing the team from a distance

At the end of the course delegates will be to:

  • Determine an appropriate organisational design
  • Eliminate barriers for effective communication
  • Develop effective leadership skills
  • Utilise NLP to enhance communication
  • Design quality assurance standards
  • Identify and set clear objectives
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Identify and manage conflict resolution
  • Increase assertiveness
  • Conduct staff appraisals
  • Build and manage dynamic teams
  • Create an inspiring vision
  • Assertiveness
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Leadership
  • Managing Individual Behaviour
  • Performance Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Recruitment and Selection

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