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Team Leadership and Emotional Intelligence



This course equips professionals in management with the skills to understand, harness, and apply emotional intelligence in leadership. By focusing on the practical applications of emotional intelligence, it prepares leaders to influence positively, foster effective team dynamics, and enhance performance across varied workplace challenges. The course aims to transform leadership approaches, ensuring participants can achieve measurable improvements in both personal and organisational success.

Who should attend

This course is tailored for Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and those in management roles aiming to master the art of emotional intelligence to lead teams effectively. Participants will learn to manage diverse teams, communicate with clarity and empathy, and drive performance through emotional awareness. Suitable for those seeking to refine their leadership skills and advance their career prospects through effective people management.


Understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • Defining Emotional Intelligence and its significance over IQ
  • Exploring the four core pillars of Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognising emotional states and their impact on performance
  • Implementing Emotional Intelligence strategies in leadership
  • Assessing personal Emotional Intelligence levels


The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • Identifying traits of Emotionally Intelligent leadership
  • Examining leadership styles enriched by Emotional Intelligence
  • Adapting leadership to the demands of the fourth industrial revolution
  • Bridging generational gaps within teams from Silent Generation to Generation Z
  • Fostering resilience and adaptability in leadership


Effective Communication and Coaching

  • Engaging in empathetic and compassionate communication
  • Establishing rapport and building strong relational foundations
  • Decoding body language and non-verbal cues in communication
  • Developing active listening skills to enhance presence and engagement
  • Coaching techniques to boost self-awareness and self-regulation in teams


Organisational Culture and Emotional Intelligence

  • Creating workplaces that champion Emotional Intelligence
  • Discussing the role of Emotional Intelligence in enhancing workplace experience
  • Integrating Emotional Intelligence into recruitment and personnel development
  • Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for conflict resolution and management
  • Evaluating organisational culture and its alignment with Emotional Intelligence principles


Leading Teams with Emotional Intelligence

  • Constructing emotionally intelligent team frameworks
  • Cultivating multicultural understanding and collaboration
  • Encouraging transparency and trust within teams
  • Delivering constructive feedback with honesty and tact
  • Managing team dynamics and conflict with Emotional Intelligence

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Define and apply the core pillars of Emotional Intelligence in leadership.
  • Adapt their leadership style to meet the challenges of modern work environments.
  • Communicate effectively, interpreting emotional and non-verbal cues.
  • Foster a positive organisational culture that values Emotional Intelligence.
  • Implement Emotional Intelligence in team management and conflict resolution.
  • Coach team members to develop their own Emotional Intelligence competencies.
  • Lead diverse teams with an understanding of multicultural nuances.
  • Enhance team performance and cohesion through emotionally intelligent practices.



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