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Talent Management – Developing Key People



This comprehensive course will equip Managers, Team Leaders, and Department Heads with essential strategies and practices to cultivate, harness, and retain key talents within their organisations. The program explores the challenges of identifying and nurturing high-potential individuals who are critical to organisational success. Participants will learn to craft and execute a talent management strategy that is closely aligned with their organisation’s long-term goals, fostering an environment that promotes a culture of growth, learning, and operational excellence. It will empower leaders with the practical tools and cutting-edge insights needed to transform talent management, enhancing their team's productivity and organisational agility.

Who should attend

This dynamic course is tailored for leaders such as Managers, Team Leaders, and Department Heads who are pivotal in shaping talent management strategies within their organisations. It is ideal for those who are in charge of specialised teams or are experts in technical domains and are looking to bolster their understanding of integrated talent management strategies. Participants will learn to craft a talent-focused organisational culture that aligns with business strategies, thereby ensuring sustained growth and competitive advantage.


Understanding Talent in Context

  • Assessing organisational goals and their alignment with talent management
  • Identifying key talent segments and their impact on business strategy
  • Mapping the competency matrix: tools and techniques
  • Exploring workforce demographics and environmental influences
  • Developing a strategic talent management plan


Talent Acquisition and Diversity Enhancement

  • Crafting talent acquisition strategies that enhance organisational diversity
  • Designing effective and inclusive interview techniques
  • Implementing equitable recruitment policies
  • Establishing talent pools for strategic hiring
  • Fostering an organisational culture that values diversity and inclusion


Career Pathing and Talent Retention

  • Developing experience-based career progression frameworks
  • Creating personalised career development plans
  • Structuring talent deployment across business units
  • Managing job rotations and promotions effectively
  • Implementing strategic onboarding processes for talent retention


Fostering Continuous Learning and Development

  • Promoting a culture of continuous professional development
  • Linking individual learning plans with organisational needs
  • Developing leadership skills across all levels of management
  • Establishing succession planning frameworks
  • Mentoring initiatives to transfer critical knowledge


Performance Management for High Impact

  • Setting and managing effective performance objectives
  • Enhancing job satisfaction through meaningful work assignments
  • Creating and maintaining a high-performance workplace
  • Recognising and rewarding employee contributions
  • Aligning performance management with organisational goals

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Align talent management strategies with organisational objectives.
  • Design and implement effective talent acquisition frameworks.
  • Enhance diversity and inclusion within the workplace.
  • Develop and manage career progression plans.
  • Foster a continuous learning environment within their teams.
  • Implement effective performance management systems.
  • Use strategic workforce planning tools to anticipate and fill skills gaps.
  • Successfully onboard and integrate new talent into the organisation.



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