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Strategy and Organisation Development



Senior managers require specialist talents and skills in order to drive their organisation forward and deliver effective strategic initiatives.

With a focus on strategy, this course has been designed to highlight those challenges most often faced at a senior level.  It will to help executives to create powerful and sustainable impact within their organisation, driving change to become lead the organisation forward.

Who should attend

This intensive course is designed for Senior Managers and Directors who are responsible for developing and implementing corporate level plans and shaping organisational culture. This informative course would also benefit experienced managers transitioning into a senior level role.


Understanding a developing organisation

  • Organisation design - what makes an organisation successful
  • Understanding global economic factors influencing organisational wide strategy
  • Using PESTLE analysis in strategic planning
  • Porters Diamond - Shaping your strategy to reflect national strengths and weaknesses

Cultural forces that shape your organisation

  • Factors affecting organisational culture
  • Reviewing the organisation’s cultural context and ethical stance
  • Understanding the company’s financial position
  • Stakeholder and shareholder influence
  • Developing a value creation plan

Creating and delivering dynamic strategies

  • Clarifying the organisation’s current vision, mission, and values
  • Developing an aligned strategy
  • Identifying strategic resources and distinctive capabilities
  • Setting the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)

Strategy implementation, evaluation and control

  • Importance of strategy implementation
  • Identifying barriers to implementation and removing obstacles
  • Steps to successfully executing a strategic plan
  • Bridging the gap between strategic intent and operational reality
  • Conducting a strategic evaluation

Leading an organisation forward

  • Preparing the workforce for change
  • Taking action - implementing, tracking and monitoring activities for alignment
  • Identifying problems and dealing with resistance to change
  • Maintaining a leadership presence to motivate and support the process
  • Communicating progress at all levels in the organisation

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop and implement dynamic strategies
  • Align company vision with strategy
  • Manage key stakeholders and shareholders
  • Assess the financial position of the organisation
  • Initiate and lead change
  • Measure performance for sustainability
  • Communicate strategy plans with clarity
  • Ensure operational effectiveness

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