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Strategic Planning of Functions and Events



This interactive programme is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and techniques for designing, planning and budgeting for high quality event experiences. Participants will understand how events are utilised by organisations and why they provide valuable marketing and communications tools, and how to measure the success of your events. This course will give delegates all of the tools required to run successful events on time and within budget. 

Who should attend

This innovative and practical programme is designed for anyone wanting to develop their event management skills, including, Marketing, Public Relations and Communications teams.

5 days

London | £3600
Dubai | $4400


Strategic Planning of Events

  • Identifying the purpose and objectives of the event
  • Determining the scope of the event and identifying the target audience
  • Selecting the format of the event
  • Types of events
  • Identifying critical deadlines and timeframes
  • Choosing and inviting key contributors and special guests
  • Analysing resources and setting objectives
  • Understanding and managing stakeholder expectations

Creating Event Teams and Committees

  • Selecting key personnel for the event
  • Identifying requirements and selecting an organising committee
  • Team management
  • Delegation, priorities, expectations and responsibilities
  • Creating a culture of accountability

Budgeting for the Event and Financial Control

  • Preparing the event budget
  • Setting event pricing and financial targets
  • Controlling expenditure
  • Controlling cash flow

Public Relations and Event Marketing Plans

  • Marketing your event to achieve impact
  • Understanding the PR impact of events
  • Setting a plan for publicising your event
  • Generating media interest – What’s in it for them?
  • Using social media for impact
  • Communicating the event internally

Evaluating the Success of the Event

  • The importance of evaluation in event management
  • Identifying the criteria for evaluating the success of the event
  • Feedback
  • Publicity
  • Financial success
  • Relating the performance of the event to strategic plans
  • Reporting results to your organisation

 At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Utilise and implement risk management procedures 
  • Know the principles of effective financial risk management and the potential impact on organisations
  • Recognise, examine, alleviate and control financial risk
  • Appreciate financial risk exposure in their own organisation and develop an awareness of the potential consequences of failing to perform financial risk management
  • Carry out financial risk management within overall organisational risk management initiatives
  • Make use of risk management, reporting tools and techniques
  • Budgeting
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations (PR)

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