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Strategic Marketing Management



This dynamic course is structured to empower marketing professionals to actively shape and steer the marketing strategies within their organisations. By engaging with current strategic marketing theories and practical tools, delegates will learn to align marketing efforts with overarching business objectives effectively. The course aims to enhance participants' skills in understanding and leveraging market dynamics and consumer insights to create value and sustain competitive advantage. Participants will leave equipped with practical strategies and techniques that can be directly applied to tackle real-world marketing challenges, thereby boosting their performance and contributing to their organisation's success.

Who should attend

This programme is specifically designed for management professionals and specialised marketing role experts who are involved in formulating or executing marketing strategies. It is ideal for Marketing Managers, Marketing Specialists, and individuals in customer or market-facing roles who aspire to enhance their strategic marketing skills and drive impactful marketing initiatives within their organisations.



Understanding Strategic Foundations

  • Assessing global strategy frameworks
  • Evaluating external market conditions
  • Analysing organisational capabilities
  • Developing competitive strategies
  • Implementing adaptive strategies

Cultivating Customer Insights

  • Conducting comprehensive market research
  • Applying quantitative research techniques
  • Utilising qualitative research methods
  • Interpreting market research data
  • Generating actionable customer insights

Mastering Market Segmentation and Targeting

  • Defining and sizing markets
  • Employing macro and micro segmentation
  • Applying advanced targeting techniques
  • Planning and sequencing market entry
  • Utilising segmentation tools

Positioning and Market Engagement Strategies

  • Crafting compelling value propositions
  • Exploring wholesale and B2B distribution channels
  • Navigating B2C routes and retail strategies
  • Leveraging eCommerce platforms
  • Engaging through digital marketplaces

Enhancing Marketing Performance

  • Setting impactful marketing objectives
  • Selecting appropriate marketing technologies
  • Utilising key marketing performance metrics
  • Analysing content marketing effectiveness
  • Optimising marketing strategies

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Analyse and employ various strategic frameworks and models.
  • Conduct and interpret both quantitative and qualitative market research.
  • Define and target market segments effectively.
  • Develop and articulate strong value propositions.
  • Navigate multiple distribution channels and digital platforms.
  • Set realistic and measurable marketing objectives.
  • Utilise modern marketing technologies and analytics tools.
  • Optimise marketing strategies based on performance data.



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