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Strategic Decision Making

The Impact of Emerging Business Issues



The Strategic Decision Making course is designed for individuals holding high-level positions within organisations, particularly senior managers and executives who play a crucial role in shaping their organisations' future.

In today's rapidly changing business environment, understanding contemporary strategic issues is essential for long-term survival and growth.

The course will focus on specific aspects of strategic leadership, providing delegates with a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning, emerging technological matters, and financial considerations.

Who should attend

This course is designed for professionals in senior leadership roles or those aspiring to reach such positions within organisations. If you are responsible for strategic decision-making, planning, and shaping the future direction of your organisation, this course will provide you with the necessary competencies to excel in your role and drive your organisation's success.


Understanding Strategic Leadership

  • The Role of Leadership in Strategic Decision Making
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  • Organisational Vision and Mission
  • Strategic Analysis and Environmental Scanning

Emerging Technological Matters

  • Embracing Technological Innovation
  • Digital Transformation Strategies
  • Data Analytics and Decision Support
  • Cybersecurity and Risk Management in the Digital Age

Financial Considerations in Strategy

  • Financial Analysis for Strategic Decision Making
  • Budgeting and Resource Allocation
  • Investment Appraisal and Capital Budgeting
  • Financial Risk Management

Strategic Decision Making and Implementation

  • Strategic Decision-Making Frameworks
  • Implementation Planning and Execution
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Leadership in a Global Context

  • Global Market Dynamics and Competitive Analysis
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership and Communication
  • Geopolitical and Economic Factors Affecting Strategy
  • Ethical Considerations in Global Strategy

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop and implement effective strategic plans.
  • Analyse and adapt to emerging technological trends and their impact on business.
  • Make informed financial decisions and manage resources strategically.
  • Enhance leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Foster innovation and creativity within their teams.
  • Evaluate and mitigate risks in strategic decision-making.
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with diverse international teams.
  • Align organisational strategies with global market dynamics and competitive landscapes.
  • Corporate Governance
  • Decision Making
  • Environmental Management Accounting (EMA)
  • Finance
  • Financial Awareness for Managers

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