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Social Intelligence for Business Leaders



Social Intelligence (SI) is a blend of skill and social awareness enables business leaders to interact effectively with others and to gain buy-in and cooperation in the workplace.

Using a combination of Emotional Intelligence and cognition, Social Intelligence is a skill, which can to be learned and developed.  This course will provide delegates with approaches, ideas and principles to enhance the quality of delegates’ leadership, develop great self and social awareness and refine skills to become a socially intelligent leader. 

Delegates will develop a deeper understanding of an area that will have a positive influence on their leadership style, the organisation and culture and their ability to enable others to develop business sustainable success.

Who should attend

This intuitive course is designed for Managers, Executives, Team Leaders and Individuals with management responsibilities, whose success depends on managing people through clear communication and a cooperative attitude.


Social & Emotional Intelligence

  • Differences and similarities of Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • EQ vs IQ
  • Developing the pillars of Social Intelligence
  • Applications and benefits of Social Intelligence for the business

The socially intelligent leader

  • Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Leading Across the Generations
    • Silent Gen to Z Gen
  • Leadership traits & behaviours
  • S.I & E.I Leadership styles
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competencies

Organisation and culture

  • Developing workplace intelligence, an organisation that values and fosters social intelligence
  • Workplace Intelligence “the art of creating a better experience of work that drives tangible business results”
  • Human Resource Management and Emotional Intelligence
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence in recruitment and selection

Socially intelligent communication and coaching

  • Communicating effectively with compassion and empathy
  • Building relationships using rapport
  • Understanding the relationship body language has with emotions
  • Listening skills - how to hear and be present
  • Executive coaching to improve self-awareness and self-management

Socially intelligent teams

  • Creating an environment of openness and trust
  • Emotional patterns for teams
  • Valued feedback and honesty
  • Building multicultural collaboration

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the new age of industry
  • Develop a socially intelligent leadership style
  • Understanding Social and Emotional intelligence
  • Consider Goleman’s emotional patterns
  • Apply the concept of workforce intelligence
  • Build empathy
  • Prepare the organisation for culture change
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Utilise rapport to build trust with your team
  • Improve executive coaching

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