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Service Level Agreements & Key Performance Indicators Masterclass

Service Level Agreements & Key Performance Indicators Masterclass



This practical and modern course will provide you with the key knowledge required in order to create effective Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), and define and design the KPI’s required to ensure they function effectively.
Using LMC’s practical approach, this course is a must attend for anyone dealing with SLA creation.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for IT Managers, Customer Service Managers, Managers in Finance, Procurement, Facilities & Premises, Legal Services, Human Resources, Logistics and other support services

5 days


Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Internal Business Services

  • Defining SLAs and services management for internal business services
  • Stipulating the Level of Services through Service Forecasting and Scenario Testing
  • Service Level Agreements to shared services SLAs– Supporting Mission & Strategy Achievement
  • Service Level Agreement Projects

Preparing for the SLA

  • Perfecting your SLA Preparation through Enhanced SLA Modelling
  • Key Measurements and Activity Based Service Level Agreements
  • Format and Structure of The SLA
  • Costing services

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • Understanding KPIs
  • The road map for implementation
  • KPI selection principles
  • KPI selection in practice
  • Rolling out the KPIs

Preparing and presenting data

  • Data visualisation and best practice presentation
  • Data collection

Decision making and communication

Creating a performance related culture

  • Aligning the programme with the business strategy
  • The role of senior management.
  • The importance of visions and missions

At the end of the course delegates will be able to: 

  • Align your SLAs with the objectives of the business 
  • Encompass KPI’s into your SLA documents 
  • Determine  whether the deliverables of the SLA can be linked to your KPI’S 
  • Measure SLA performance 
  • Deal effectively with non-performance 
  • Manage changing requirements for streamlined management 
  • Benchmark services and establishing world class standards 
  • Understand KPI naming standards and use of terminology
  • Employ techniques for KPI selection (KPI clustering, Value Flow Analysis, KPI balancing)