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Recruitment, Selection and People Development – Best Practice



Employing the right people is essential for any business and to ensure your organisation is recruiting the best candidates, a robust and well thought through recruitment, selection and people development strategy is critical. 

Whilst most organisations will be governed by legislation, it is equally important to identify and embed best practice. 

This course has been designed to plan thoroughly for recruitment, ensure integrity in selection and interviewing approaches and employ effective onboarding methods.

It will showcase tools and techniques for a well-executed people development process, which supports and builds employee engagement, retention and commitment. 

Who should attend

This course is aimed at HR professionals Training specialists and all those whose roles and responsibilities include human resources planning, recruitment, interviewing and onboarding.


Planning for recruitment

  • Working with managers to identify the requirements for recruitment
  • Building a recruitment marketing strategy including your employer value proposition
  • Creating recruitment budgets
  • Attracting, engaging and growing through your recruitment marketing strategy
  • Developing and implementing a recruitment sourcing scorecard

Integrity in selection

  • Planning for interviewing skills within your organisation
  • The neuroscience of selection bias and how to overcome it
  • Implementing a communication plan to engage with candidates
  • Essential tracking data and recruitment analytics
  • Using different evaluations instruments for different levels

Onboarding strategies

  • Creating effective onboarding plans
  • Maximising the benefit of induction programmes
  • The importance of sharing company values and culture
  • Communication strategies during onboarding
  • Developing skills and competencies from the onset

Coaching and Mentoring 

  • Introducing a mentor scheme
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities for mentor and mentee
  • Mentoring for growth
  • Coaching styles: developing an appropriate coaching methods
  • Utilising coaching tools for feedback and measurement

People development

  • Creating your learning and development strategy and policy
  • Strengths based approach framework
  • Linking personal development plan with individual motivation
  • On the job training vs other training approaches
  • Maximising learning through creativity and interaction

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Plan recruitment marketing strategies
  • Identify recruitment needs and prepare budgets and policies
  • Grow interviewing skills within the organisation
  • Understand selection bias and the neuroscience behind recruitment
  • Develop onboarding plans
  • Create mentor scheme and coach new recruits
  • Develop new competencies and skills
  • Create personal development plans

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