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Recruitment, Selection and People Development



This comprehensive course is crafted to equip HR professionals and managers with the expertise needed to excel in the multifaceted disciplines of recruitment, selection, and people development. It focuses on innovative strategies and best practices to attract, select, and nurture talent effectively, ensuring alignment with organisational goals and enhancing workforce capabilities. Participants will gain practical tools and approaches, enabling them to implement modern and effective techniques in their workplace, fostering employee engagement and driving organisational success.

Who should attend

This course is specifically designed for HR professionals, training specialists, and managers involved in the intricate processes of human resources planning, recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding. It is ideal for those tasked with enhancing team performance and developing specialised skills within their organisations. Participants looking to refine their strategic approach to comprehensive workforce development will find this training invaluable.


Strategic Planning for Recruitment

  • Identifying hiring needs with managerial collaboration
  • Designing a recruitment marketing strategy incorporating employer branding
  • Establishing and managing recruitment budgets
  • Engaging potential candidates through strategic marketing
  • Developing a recruitment sourcing scorecard for effective talent acquisition


Ensuring Integrity in Selection

  • Crafting interviewing protocols to ensure fairness and effectiveness
  • Exploring the impact of selection bias and strategies to mitigate it
  • Formulating a candidate engagement communication plan
  • Analysing essential recruitment metrics for continuous improvement
  • Tailoring evaluation instruments to candidate levels


Onboarding Strategies

  • Developing comprehensive onboarding plans for new hires
  • Enhancing induction programmes to maximise employee integration
  • Embedding company values and culture through strategic communications
  • Structuring communication strategies to support new employees
  • Focusing on early development of skills and competencies


Coaching and Mentoring for Development

  • Implementing a structured mentorship programme
  • Defining clear roles and responsibilities for mentors and mentees
  • Employing mentoring as a tool for professional growth
  • Adapting coaching styles to fit organisational needs
  • Leveraging coaching tools for effective feedback and performance tracking


Advanced People Development Strategies

  • Crafting a learning and development (L&D) strategy aligned with organisational goals
  • Implementing a strengths-based framework for employee development
  • Linking personal development plans with individual motivation factors
  • Comparing on-the-job training with alternative training methodologies
  • Enhancing learning engagement through creativity and interactive methods

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop strategic recruitment plans that align with organisational objectives.
  • Implement unbiased selection processes and reduce hiring errors.
  • Create effective and engaging onboarding experiences for new hires.
  • Establish and maintain productive mentoring and coaching programmes.
  • Design and execute a learning and development strategy that fosters organisational growth.
  • Utilise advanced tools and techniques for talent acquisition and management.
  • Enhance team performance through targeted people development initiatives.
  • Apply best practices in HR management across diverse cultural and professional contexts.



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