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Public Relations Strategy for Senior Managers



This programme has been designed to provide the skills and tools required for Public Relations directors to operate efficiently at a senior level in the organisation while receiving support and buy-in for public relations strategies. With an increased necessity for the work of communications and public relations to be embedded at board level, this programme will develop the skills required to do this effectively. The course will enable directors to lead on PR matters and for senior managers with responsibility for public relations and marketing strategy need to operate and communicate effectively with the board of senior directors.  

Who should attend

This highly practical and interactive programme is designed for senior managers and directors of communications or public relations departments, aiming to create high impact public relations strategies, and gain backing for these strategies at boardroom level.

5 days

London | £3600
Dubai | $4400


Leading PR Strategy at Board Level

  • Understanding the Board and their roles
  • Building key relationships at Board level 
  • Developing an awareness of governance issues
  • How to get the Board to buy-in to your strategy
  • Evaluation and measurement at Board level

Implementing PR strategies

  • How to embed digital strategy across the whole organisation
  • Balancing creativity with risk

Strategic Communication

  • How to make your colleagues aware of, and excited about, the importance of strategic communication
  • Why communications directors need to become best friends with the Finance director
  • How to increase your Communications budget
  • Reputation management – Making positive press from bad news

Influencing Organisational Culture through Public Relations

  • Taking the lead on company culture and culture change
  • Taking the lead on corporate social responsibility - why this is a role for PR
  • PR's role within IPOs, mergers, and the sale of companies

Understanding Future Trends

  • How to horizon-scan for future developments in the organisation
  • Training your communications team - future directions, skills and competencies

At the end of the programme delegates will be able to: 

  • Communicate PR strategies effectively at board level to senior management
  • Build relationships with senior executives
  • Implement PR strategies across the organisation
  • Communicate strategy and message effectively across the organisation
  • Work effectively with the finance department for greater results
  • Lead the organisation on Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Predict and interpret future trends in marketing and public relations
  • Communication
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • PR Strategy

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