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Public Relations Strategy for PR Professionals



Effective communication lies at the heart of organisational success, serving as a strategic management discipline. Our comprehensive course, Public Relations Strategy for PR Professionals, is meticulously crafted to empower senior managers and directors with the skills and insights needed to devise and implement high-impact public relations strategies. Participants will delve into the theoretical underpinnings, essential skills, and practical tools required to navigate the complexities of strategic communications in the modern workplace. From crisis planning to strategy evaluation, this course equips delegates with the expertise to drive organisational excellence through strategic communication initiatives.

Who should attend

This highly pragmatic and interactive course is designed for senior managers and directors of communications or public relations departments, aiming to create high-impact public relations strategies and gain backing for these strategies at boardroom level. It is ideal for individuals holding high-level positions within organisations and is tailored to professionals in senior leadership roles or aspiring to reach those positions. 


Embracing Strategic Communication

  • Understanding the strategic role of communication in organisational management
  • Working collaboratively with the board and other departments to align communication objectives
  • Exploring various communication disciplines and their significance in organisational strategy
  • Navigating business-critical strategic communications initiatives
  • Cultivating high-impact public relations strategies at the heart of organisational goals

Planning and Execution

  • Serving strategic organisational goals through tactical communication planning
  • Employing analytical approaches to inform strategic priority-setting
  • Selecting appropriate tools and delivery channels for diverse communication environments
  • Building flexibility into strategic communication approaches to adapt to evolving contexts
  • Ensuring high-quality output and maintaining a focus on creativity and innovation

Collaboration Across Disciplines

  • Cultivating an organisation-wide approach to communication initiatives
  • Assessing strengths, weaknesses, and needs across various communication disciplines
  • Upholding ethical practices and maintaining high-quality output
  • Fostering collaboration between PR, advertising, branding, marketing, and internal communications teams
  • Nurturing creativity and innovation to achieve communication 'wins'

Crisis Communication and Contingency Planning

  • Understanding the role of communication in contingency and crisis situations
  • Building robust communication team relationships with operational experts
  • Conducting regular review and rehearsal of crisis communication plans
  • Maintaining ongoing dialogue with media stakeholders
  • Addressing corporate social responsibility in day-to-day communication practices

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

  • Setting early goals and employing appropriate measurements of success
  • Understanding the value of outputs, outtakes, and outcomes in communication evaluation
  • Conducting reviews and capturing lessons learned for continuous improvement
  • Conducting horizon scanning activities to anticipate communication challenges
  • Employing relevant frameworks like the Barcelona Principles to evaluate PR initiatives

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop and implement high-impact public relations strategies aligned with organisational objectives.
  • Navigate diverse communications disciplines and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Employ analytical approaches to strategic planning and utilise appropriate tools and delivery channels.
  • Foster an organisation-wide approach to communications and uphold ethical practices.
  • Prepare and execute crisis communication plans, fostering 360-degree risk awareness.
  • Evaluate PR initiatives using relevant metrics and frameworks such as ROI and the Barcelona Principles.
  • Foster ongoing dialogue with media stakeholders and operational experts to maintain effective communications.
  • Conduct horizon scanning activities to anticipate and address emerging challenges in brand, reputation, and stakeholder environments.



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