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Public Relations Strategy for PR Professionals



Communications is a strategic management discipline. For an organisation to represent itself at its best, strategic communication is essential.

This course has been designed to provide delegates with a deep understanding of strategic communications in a modern workplace, to enable them to introduce and develop strategic approaches for their own organisation, and gives them to tools to implement strategic communications programmes.

Delegates will learn the theoretical principles, necessary skills and tools required for this vital and rigorous management discipline, understand how to plan for a crisis and how to evaluate the success of a strategy.

Who should attend

This highly pragmatic and interactive course is designed for senior managers and directors of communications or public relations departments, aiming to create high impact public relations strategies, and gain backing for these strategies at boardroom level.


Communications at the heart of the business

  • Working with the board and other departments
  • The significance of various communications disciplines and their practitioners: internal communications, advertising, marketing, social media, branding, media relations
  • Business-critical strategic communications

Strategic planning and tactical tools

  • Serving strategic organisational goals and strategic priority-setting
  • The importance of an analytical approach
  • Understanding and selecting appropriate tools and delivery channels in different environments
  • Building flexibility into the strategic approach

Working with a range of communications disciplines - strategic and tactical

  • The importance of an organisation-wide approach 
  • Strengths, weaknesses and needs: PR, advertising, brand, marketing, public affairs, internal communications
  • Ethical practices
  • Maintaining high quality output & high level focus: the importance of creativity & “wins”

Contingency planning and communicating in a crisis

  • The role of communications in contingency and crisis: 360 degree risk awareness
  • The importance of communication team relationships with operational experts
  • Regular review and rehearsal
  • Media relations: why ongoing journalist conversations are integral 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: day-to-day social care and engagement

Evaluation, budgets and resources

  • Early goal setting and appropriate measurements of success: ROI, Barcelona Principles and why we don't use AVE's
  • Knowing where value lies: outputs, out-takes and outcomes
  • The role of review and lessons learnt
  • The important of horizon scanning for communications: brand, reputation, stakeholder environments and competitive environments. 

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Advise  senior executives on communications approaches
  • Carry out long-term strategic and tactical delivery planning
  • Develop and deliver meaningful evaluation  
  • Strengthen colleagues’ understanding of strategic communications as business-critical
  • Lead the organisation towards highly effective communications as a day-to-day approach
  • Build reactive flexibility into the PR strategy
  • Create effective evaluation that enables ongoing improvement and return on investment
  • Make best use of available communications professionals’ skills

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