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Productive Leadership

Best Practice

London fees £3600 Dubai fees $4400 Zagreb fees $5500
Duration 5 days



A leader instils life, confidence and energy into an organisation. This programme is designed to give participants the know-how to build high-performance and high-trust cultures for decisive and collaborative problem solving. This programme will offer an opportunity to practice staff deployment optimisation, in order to maximise organisational performance.

Who should attend?

This inspiring course is designed for managers, team leaders and executives who wish to improve and apply core management skills and techniques to deliver results. It will benefit all decision makers who wish to develop the skills and behaviours necessary to succeed as a leader at every level of an organisation. 

  The course has been extremely insightful, the practical dimension of this course is highly commendable. I enjoyed every bit of attending training with LMC, the tutors, the facilities and the approach used towards the course. Genevieve Adjei, Tullow Ghana Ltd

Appreciating the importance of leading and developing people for business success

    • Determining your individual style profile
    • Gaining insight into the strengths and limitations of your profile
    • Using behavioural clues to determine others personal styles

Emotional Intelligence in the context of business environment

    • Defining Emotional Intelligence
    • Using Emotional Intelligence to enhance personal effectiveness
    • Managing negative emotions
    • Developing empathy
    • Achieving business goals through Emotional Intelligence  

Leadership style and approach to decision making

    • The problem-solving/decision-making cycle
    • Your decision-making style
    • Consequences of different decision making styles  

Maintaining effective relationships

    • Improving persuasion and diplomacy skills in relationships with colleagues and subordinates
    • Conflict resolution
    • Identifying methods and techniques of applying assertiveness effectively  

Creating a productive, solution-oriented culture

    • Encouraging creativity and innovation
    • Giving constructive feedback

By the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

    • Adapt personal management styles to the needs of different situations
    • Understand others in order to strengthen interpersonal relationships
    • Understand the importance of becoming a proactive leader
    • Enhance personal effectiveness in order to maintain effective relationships
    • Appreciate the importance of Emotional Intelligence
    • Steer away from the blame culture and instil a high trust culture
    • Win the co-operation and support of the organisation
    • Resolve conflict effectively
    • Increase staff confidence and improve; performance, creativity and innovation
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