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Financial Accounting and Reporting



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This programme is designed to identify the importance of financial reporting in business while looking at the framework of accounting and financial reporting standards.  Delegates will learn how to identify key accounting issues and report them on financial statements.

This course will also explore how internal reporting contributes to control of costs, revenues, investment, and financing, which is essential in the identification and rectification of problems while making and implementing profitable and value-adding decisions.

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Who should attend

This programme is designed for accounting and finance professionals seeking to develop and enhance their practical finance and accounting skills and knowledge. Those who are actively involved in reporting and analytical roles will also find the course to be essential, as well as those needing to learn about modern corporate financial performance management processes.


Financial statements and business decisions

  • Understanding accounting and financial systems
  • Managing and using financial statements
  • Interpreting income statements
  • Accounting for revenue and cost and calculating profit

Measuring and reporting of receivables and payables

  • Identifying and Aaccounting for bad debts
  • Meaning and reporting of payables
  • Cash-flow implications

Understanding the balance sheet and cash flow

  • The purpose of the balance sheet
  • Defining and categorising accounts on the balance sheet
  • Reporting of equity
  • Reviewing the balance sheet and its interpretation
  • Understanding cash flow
  • Defining the principles of the cash flow statement
  • Review of cash flow statements and their interpretation

Strategic management accounting

  • Key concepts in strategic management accounting
  • Using strategic management accounting to gain competitive advantage
  • Case studies in strategic management accounting

Reporting of inventory, fixed and intangible assets

  • Methods for Ddetermining and valuing inventory
  • The importance of classifying, measuring and recording long-lived assets
  • Accounting for repairs, maintenance, and additions
  • Depreciation, amortization and disposal of assets
  • Accounting and reporting for intangibles and natural resources

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of accounting systems, and how transactions are recorded.
  • Recognise key financial accounting issues and develop the capacity to report them using financial statements.
  • Identify the role of accounting and financial reporting standards in the communication of financial results
  • Appreciate why transparency in reporting of financial statements and management reports is essential.
  • Appraise the structure and presentation of financial statements and annual reports.
  • Interpret income statement and balance sheet accounts.
  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Reporting

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