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Strategic Communications Management



This Strategic Communications Management course equips senior leaders and marketing professionals with state-of-the-art communication strategies to significantly enhance their influence within and outside their organisations. Through this intensive programme, you will master the art of crafting compelling messages and managing diverse communication channels effectively. The course emphasises practical skills and tools to engage varied audiences, driving your organisation’s goals and improving stakeholder relationships.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for Senior Executives, Managers, and Leaders who play a pivotal role in shaping their organisation’s communication strategy. It is especially beneficial for those in marketing and public relations roles, looking to leverage communication as a strategic tool for corporate success. Participants will gain insights into advanced communication techniques to enhance both internal and external engagement.

5 days

London | £4950
Dubai | £4950


Foundations of Strategic Communication

  • Understanding strategic communication frameworks
  • Identifying key corporate audiences and stakeholders
  • Exploring the dynamics of corporate media
  • Techniques for crafting effective corporate messages
  • Analysing the impact of propaganda and information management

Corporate Identity and Culture

  • Defining and articulating vision, mission, and values
  • Representing and reinforcing corporate culture
  • Building and managing corporate brands
  • Integrating branding into enterprise-wide initiatives
  • Enhancing corporate identity through strategic communication

Customer-centric Communication

  • Differentiating communication with customers versus intermediaries
  • Developing segmentation, personas, and targeting strategies
  • Selecting appropriate marketing communication media
  • Formulating impactful marketing messages
  • Strategies for managing product recalls and brand crises

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

  • Managing reputation and creating positive impressions
  • Strategies for effective investor relations
  • Enhancing supplier relationship communications
  • Engaging with community stakeholders
  • Mastering crisis communication tactics

Internal Communication Excellence

  • Fostering employee engagement through communication
  • Balancing top-down and bottom-up communication flows
  • Managing internal projects through effective communication
  • Utilising collaboration software to enhance communication
  • Best practices for internal communication efficiency

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Formulate and execute advanced strategic communication plans.
  • Identify and effectively engage with key stakeholders.
  • Craft and disseminate impactful corporate messages.
  • Manage corporate identity and enhance organisational culture through communication.
  • Design and implement effective crisis communication strategies.
  • Utilise modern communication tools and techniques for internal collaboration.
  • Develop targeted communication strategies for different audience segments.



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