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Strategic Change Management for HR Professionals

Leadership, culture and people engagement



Strategic Change Management for HR Professionals is designed to equip HR professionals and senior HR specialists with advanced strategies to manage and lead organisational change effectively. Throughout this course, participants will learn to navigate the complexities of change within their organisations, harnessing a variety of tools and models to drive transformation. The course focuses on practical skills and strategic insights necessary to foster a culture of engagement and inclusion, implement sustainable changes, and evaluate the impact of these initiatives on organisational success.

Who should attend

This course is tailored for HR professionals and senior HR specialists who are actively involved in strategic change initiatives within their organisations. It is ideal for those who are tasked with leading change processes, managing HR teams with specialised functions, and HR leaders aiming to enhance their strategic impact. Participants will gain valuable insights and tools to lead change effectively, making this course essential for those looking to stay at the forefront of HR practices.


Understanding Change Dynamics

  • Assessing the current organisational environment
  • Identifying drivers for change within the market
  • Engaging with management and stakeholders for strategic alignment
  • Conducting Force Field Analysis to evaluate forces for and against change
  • Setting the groundwork for strategic change initiatives


Cultivating Organisational Culture

  • Diagnosing existing organisational culture
  • Designing HR strategies for organisational transformation
  • Applying principles of nudge theory to influence employee behaviour
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  • Leading change congruently with organisational values and goals


Enhancing Employee Engagement

  • Developing comprehensive employee engagement strategies
  • Implementing tools for effective feedback collection, such as pulse checks and surveys
  • Empowering employees and facilitating a participatory culture
  • Conducting stay interviews to gauge employee motivation and commitment
  • Translating strategic goals into actionable employee roles


Leading and Communicating Change

  • Developing and implementing organisational development plans
  • Utilising effective change management models like Kotter’s 8 Steps and ADKAR
  • Building a network of change advocates and champions within the organisation
  • Strategising communication to facilitate smooth change implementation
  • Addressing and overcoming resistance to change


Measuring Impact and Sustaining Change

  • Employing HR analytics for benchmarking and performance monitoring
  • Auditing and evaluating the change process
  • Maximising the utilisation of organisational resources and capabilities
  • Calculating the return on investment (ROI) for change initiatives
  • Ensuring sustainability of implemented changes

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Diagnose and strategically influence organisational culture.
  • Develop and execute effective change management strategies.
  • Employ nudge theory to modify employee behaviours towards positive outcomes.
  • Design and implement engaging and inclusive employee strategies.
  • Utilise leading change management models to guide organisational change.
  • Effectively communicate change initiatives to diverse audiences.
  • Measure and analyse the impact of change using HR analytics.
  • Sustain and maximise the benefits of organisational change initiatives.



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