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Risk and Crisis Management



In today's dynamic business environment, effectively managing risks and responding to crises is crucial for sustaining organisational growth and stability. This course equips newly appointed managers and professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to identify, evaluate, and manage risks effectively across different areas of an organisation. Through interactive sessions, participants will learn to construct robust risk management frameworks, devise operational strategies, and lead confidently during crises. The course aims to enhance participants' ability to anticipate and mitigate potential disruptions, ensuring they are well-prepared to safeguard their organisation’s interests and maintain its reputation under various challenging scenarios.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for newly appointed managers and professionals who are responsible for risk identification and crisis management within their organisations. Participants managing teams, projects, or departments will find this programme particularly beneficial. It is tailored to enhance their strategic decision-making abilities, improve team leadership, and strengthen their capacity to handle unforeseen challenges effectively. The course is designed to support professionals aspiring to advance in their careers by developing their skills in managing both operational risks and people-oriented crises.


Understanding Risk Management

  • Exploring risk management fundamentals
  • Identifying different types of risks
  • Establishing risk management frameworks
  • Conducting risk analysis and profiling
  • Implementing effective risk reporting mechanisms


Operational Risk Mastery

  • Assessing sources of operational risks
  • Managing risk events and losses
  • Setting up early warning indicators
  • Creating risk-based operational plans
  • Monitoring and reviewing risk management processes


Managing People Risks

  • Understanding the significance of people risk management
  • Developing people risk profiles
  • Navigating people-related crisis scenarios
  • Implementing succession planning strategies
  • Ensuring business continuity


Supply Chain and Outsourcing Risks

  • Exploring outsourcing fundamentals
  • Identifying supply chain risks
  • Creating supplier risk profiles
  • Evaluating supply chain controls
  • Managing crises in the supply chain


Reputational Risk and Crisis Management

  • Understanding reputational risks
  • Managing crises impacting reputation
  • Developing crisis communication strategies
  • Planning and executing crisis management
  • Learning from crisis recovery stories

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Apply risk management frameworks effectively.
  • Analyse and report on different types of risks.
  • Develop operational plans sensitive to potential risks.
  • Manage and mitigate people-related risks in an organisation.
  • Implement robust crisis management strategies.
  • Communicate effectively during a crisis.
  • Evaluate and control risks within the supply chain.
  • Enhance organisational resilience through strategic risk planning.



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