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Planning Training and Career Development



Training and development is a vital strategic function that forms a major component of organisational growth and success. It is the driving force for both individual, team and business effectiveness.

This course will provide delegates with the critical knowledge and tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their department to deliver both immediate and longer-term results.

Delegates will develop the approaches and understanding implement training and career development plans which will enhance employee engagement, improve succession planning and give a greater focus to career development.

Who should attend

This interactive and practical course is designed for Training and Development professionals, L&D Managers and those with the responsibility of managing the training function and influencing their company's career development planning.


Understanding future business needs

  • Clarifying the organisation’s strategy, vision, values and goals to plan training and development
  • Understanding the longer-term challenges and requirements of the organisation
  • Identifying required resources and cost
  • Designing learning objectives, quality standards and measures for departments and teams

Assuring career readiness

  • The learning process and learning curve
  • Employee engagement: the benefits of getting it right
  • The problems associated with lack of engagement 
  • The range of learning methods and accelerated learning in practice
  • Flexibility in the training environment 

Understanding the costs and benefits

  • Costing and benchmarking training events
  • Benefits of external and internal provision
  • Workplace environmental issues
  • Maintaining a focus on career development culture

Succession planning and career development

  • The difference between succession planning, talent management and career path
  • Continuous professional development – what we need to do to keep up
  • Win-win situation for the organisations and the individual
  • Current and future talent trends

Evaluation techniques

  • Evaluating training before, during and after events
    • Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model
    • Modern interventions and trends
  • Measuring the effect of training, and its changes to skills, experience and behaviours

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand learning methods
  • Employ accelerated learning practices
  • Write clear learning objectives
  • Understand motivation in the workplace
  • Cost training events with accuracy
  • Employ benchmarking techniques
  • Introduce evaluation techniques 
  • Know trends in training and development

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