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People Performance Management



In the ever-evolving landscape of modern management, the ability to effectively understand, motivate, and guide team performance is indispensable. This course equips managers and supervisors with the essential tools and techniques to manage people performance adeptly. Across five days, delegates will learn to conduct thorough performance reviews, address underperformance, and enhance overall team efficiency using practical, evidence-based strategies. This training aims to foster robust leadership skills, enabling delegates to apply learned concepts directly to real-world challenges to achieve tangible improvements in organisational outcomes.

Who should attend

This course is tailored for Supervisors, Line Managers, and Team Leaders who are keen to enhance their proficiency in managing team performance. It is ideal for professionals tasked with leading teams, overseeing project delivery, and driving performance improvements. Participants will gain practical insights into effective performance management, empowering them to elevate team productivity and workplace harmony.


Understanding Performance Management

  • Exploring the benefits of a structured performance management process
  • Examining current trends and the future of performance management
  • Analysing the performance management cycle
  • Setting clear performance objectives and KPIs aligned with business goals
  • Identifying critical success factors for performance alignment


Mastering Performance Reviews

  • Preparing for effective performance reviews
  • Developing comprehensive evidence collection techniques
  • Structuring performance review meetings effectively
  • Establishing a competency-based framework for assessment
  • Crafting a follow-up action plan post-review


Effective Communication and Feedback

  • Employing active listening and empathetic communication
  • Differentiating feedback based on behavioural types
  • Enhancing motivation through constructive feedback
  • Addressing performance issues without personal bias
  • Documenting review discussions and outcomes clearly


Addressing and Managing Underperformance

  • Diagnosing the root causes of underperformance
  • Strategising interventions for performance improvement
  • Managing challenging conversations with tact and professionalism
  • Creating a supportive environment for struggling employees
  • Monitoring progress and adapting strategies as needed


Coaching for Performance Enhancement

  • Understanding the role of coaching in performance management
  • Developing essential coaching skills for managers
  • Implementing coaching sessions to support performance objectives
  • Using coaching to empower employees and build resilience
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of coaching interventions

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Conduct effective and unbiased performance reviews.
  • Set clear, measurable, and aligned performance objectives.
  • Communicate feedback effectively to motivate and guide team members.
  • Identify and address underperformance tactfully and constructively.
  • Use performance management tools to monitor and enhance team productivity.
  • Handle difficult conversations with confidence and professionalism.
  • Implement strategies for sustaining performance improvements.
  • Develop a competency framework tailored to their organisational needs.
  • Employ coaching techniques to enhance individual and team performance.
  • Evaluate and adapt coaching strategies based on their effectiveness.



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