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Organisational Development



The Organisational Development course equips senior leaders and HR professionals with essential strategies and tools to drive transformative changes within their organisations. Participants will delve into creating impactful organisational strategies, implementing development interventions, and utilising diagnostic tools to propel organisational success. Attendees will learn to leverage best practices, manage stakeholder relations, and measure the effectiveness of development initiatives to ensure continuous growth and competitive advantage.

Who should attend

This course is designed for senior managers, HR leaders, and specialists in organisational development who play pivotal roles in steering organisational strategies and enhancements. It is ideal for those looking to refine their skills in managing complex changes, driving employee performance, and fostering organisational resilience against evolving business landscapes.


Laying the Strategic Foundations

  • Assessing organisational readiness for change
  • Engaging stakeholders for effective buy-in
  • Conducting a strategic organisational review
  • Implementing Force Field Analysis for decision-making
  • Establishing vision and objectives for development


Diagnostic Tools and Frameworks

  • Conducting a PESTLE analysis for external impacts
  • Utilising SWOT analysis to identify organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Applying quality models to enhance organisational standards
  • Designing future state scenarios for strategic alignment
  • Exploring organisational design frameworks for effective structuring


Development Interventions and People Management

  • Planning interventions to bridge developmental gaps
  • Enhancing performance management systems
  • Motivating teams through effective reward systems
  • Facilitating professional development through coaching and mentoring
  • Utilising action learning for problem-solving


Strategic Change Implementation

  • Developing comprehensive business plans for organisational transformation
  • Implementing business process re-engineering (BPR) for efficiency
  • Managing outsourcing and restructuring scenarios
  • Employing Kotter’s 8 Step Model for effective change management
  • Cultivating a network of change advocates


Measuring Impact and Ensuring Continuity

  • Setting benchmarks and performance indicators for HR analytics
  • Monitoring and auditing change strategies
  • Reviewing organisational changes for continuous improvement
  • Calculating return on investment for development initiatives
  • Ensuring sustainable organisational practices

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Design and implement effective organisational development strategies.
  • Analyse and apply diagnostic tools to assess organisational needs.
  • Plan and execute developmental interventions tailored to organisational goals.
  • Lead transformative change initiatives using established models.
  • Develop metrics to measure and maximise organisational performance.
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement and management.
  • Utilise HR analytics to drive decisions and improvements.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and development.



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